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10 Tips For Visiting Copacabana Beach, Brazil

Visit one of Brazil’s most popular beaches, but not before reading these tips first.

Copacabana Beach is known to be one of the best beaches in Brazil. However, it is also a target for tourists and a common place to get scammed or robbed. While it’s absolutely possible to have a safe and enjoyable experience at this beach, beach-goers should consider these tips before visiting not only Brazil but Copacabana Beach in general.

10. Don’t Bring A Large Bag

Unfortunately, because Copacabana is known to be a place for theft, bringing a large bag can make visitors an easy target. Play it safe, and keep the beach gear minimal. Bring only the bare minimum since large bags can often make for becoming an easy target.

9. Don’t Use A Towel From The Hotel

Hotel towels make one thing very clear: you are a tourist, a.k.a. a great target for scams. While many travelers will want to, and should, consider a beachfront hotel in Brazil, avoid the mistake of bringing one of the hotel towels. Purchase one of the thin wraps that are sold all over the streets of Rio de Janeiro. This is what the locals use, and plus, they’re super colorful and cute.

8. Don’t Bring Anything Super Valuable

Leave the passport, wallet, keys, and even fancy cameras and jewelry at home. Sure, bringing money is still essential, but it’s always advisable to leave at least one spare credit card and even a little bit of extra cashback in the room in the case, god forbid, you become a victim of personal theft.

7. Leave A Spare Credit Card In Your Room

As mentioned above, this is a crucial tip. Leave one spare card back in the hotel room. That way, just in case the worst happens, visitors won’t have to spend the rest of their time in Brazil worrying about finding a replacement card. It’s always recommended to travel with at least two cards: at least one debit and one credit card.

6. Buy Some Snacks From The Vendors

It’s not all terrifying at Copacabana Beach! While there, vendors of all types will be walking around selling anything from freshly grilled seafood skewers to açai bowls to empanadas to fresh fruit. Take advantage of the plethora of options, and purchase a few different snacks to try. They’re pretty affordable and all extremely delicious.

5. Get A Beach Caipirinha

Not only should visitors invest in some snacks, but ordering a caipirinha on Copacabana Beach is crucial. As the late and great Anthony Bourdain once said, “If you’re on this beach, sipping a caipirinha, and you can’t find a way to be happy, you never will be.”

4. Stay Vigilant

While traveling, it is always wise to be aware of one’s surroundings. While in Copacabana Beach, however, it is required. Beachgoers should keep a lookout for anyone who seems to be lurking, keep personal belongings extremely close (put them under the towel and lay on top of them, if able), and do their best to remain undistracted.

3. Get Off Of Your Phone

Don’t make the mistake of visiting this beach only to scroll through Instagram and take 2,000 photos. While visitors will want to take some photos, put the phone down for two primary reasons: one: to not draw attention (a common way to get scammed), and two: to sign off and relax!

2. Forgot Something? It Can Likely Be Purchased

Vendors walk around Copacabana Beach selling anything under the sun. Need a towel? It can be purchased. Need a sand bucket and shovel for your kid? Not to worry, they sell that too. Need an umbrella? A swimsuit? Something to drink? Something to eat? You name it; they’ve got it. Almost anything imaginable can be purchased on this lovely Brazilian beach.

1. Relax & Have Fun!

Above all, while many people advise being safe while visiting Copacabana, the experience can be fun and relaxing so long as visitors follow all of these guidelines. Copacabana Beach is really a trip where local kids can be seen playing soccer (or football), adults can be seen laughing and frolicking through the water, and listening to the sound of the waves crashing on one of the world’s best beaches can provide all vacationers with the ultimate sense of therapy.

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Tip to take care of your nutrition while travelling

How can you enjoy travelling and vacation but not feel bloated, dehydrated, or run-down by the end of the week? Here are some top tips to take care of

One of the biggest concerns while travelling is taking care of your nutrition. Finding time to consume the little meals that are a part of your daily diet might be tough if you have early flights, hotel stays, and back-to-back meetings scheduled. Dietitian and Functional Nutritionist, Laura Rose, suggested tips to take of your nutrition while travelling in her recent Instagram post.

Don’t skip breakfast: On vacation, we often stray from our routines, but skipping breakfast is bad for our digestion and blood sugar levels. Make breakfast a priority, whether you prepare it at home or eat it out.

Stop at the grocery store: You should start your trip by stocking up on a few essentials. Pick up some simple breakfast foods, fruits and vegetables, and snacks to tide you over in between meals.

Eat vegetables: Getting enough vegetables is challenging when travelling. Use the side salad or vegetable of the day option if it’s available when you’re out to dine. The additional fibre will be appreciated by your body.

Stay hydrated: It’s easy to forget to drink enough water on vacation. This can lead to constipation, dehydration, fatigue, dizziness, headaches. Keep a reusable water bottle on hand, set reminders to drink, and add in extra electrolytes for better hydration.

Advance bookings: By reviewing the menus in advance, you can ensure that there are meal alternatives available that you will love and that will make you feel good. To avoid the stress of scrambling to find a place at the last minute, make a few reservations in advance.

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3 Must Know Travel Tricks For Seamless Travelling

Navigating the airport can seem stressful, especially for first-time flyers, follow these 3 hacks for a hassle-free journey.

Airport Travel Tips: Festivals are the best time to come close to your loved ones. It brings joy and happiness to everyone’s life. As much as festivities bring a joy and smile to one’s face, it also becomes a reason for stress when planning a seamless journey. Mr Vikas Sharma, CEO of Encalm Hospitality Pvt Ltd shares tips and tricks to embark on a hassle-free journey.


1. Book Tickets in Advance: To avoid last-minute aggravation, always book your tickets two to three weeks in advance. Tickets booked at the last moment normally tend to include surcharges which can be avoided if you book it in advance. Also, advance booking with railways assures a confirmed seat whereas the eleventh-hour deals don’t guarantee any validation. So, work out your leaves and plan your trip in advance so as to save yourself from the festive chaos.

2. Avail Meet And Greet Services at Airports: People travelling via airports are always seen struggling with formalities & festivities just adds to this already existing madness. To give yourself a seamless travel experience, opt for assistance services at airports which not only curb the check-in time but also offer tonnes of other services to make your journey hassle-free. These meet and greet services offer an executive who will guide you from the gate till you board your flight. Also, during festivities, the Indian luggage multiplies as they consist of all kinds of gifts for extended families. To help you with your heavy luggage, the airport meet and greet service also offers buggy and porter services.

3. Explore The Lounge And Spa During Layovers: People taking international flights to meet their near and dear ones face the most crucial problem of spending time during extra-long layovers. Not to worry anymore, just sit back and chill at premium lounges at airports. Airport lounges have come a long way since their inception and now provide separate gaming zones to engage the kids, gourmet live food counters to satiate the foodie inside you and various other add-on amenities like plug-in points, high-speed internet access, etc. You can also invest your time in rejuvenating your mind, body & soul as airports nowadays house luxurious spa services as well.

So, hop on and spread smiles this festive season by sharing these travel hacks with your loved ones.

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6 Top Tips for Sharing Your Vacation Pictures on Social Media

Taking a vacation and posting about it seem to go hand-in-hand these days. While it is tempting to post all about your whereabouts, it’s not always wise to do so. There are some things you can share with your social networks, and there are some things that are better to keep private. Let’s take a look at things you shouldn’t post about your vacation.

1. Don’t Check In

There’s nothing more exciting than checking in at the airport just before flying out to your desired destination. However, checking in compromises your privacy in a big way. If you think your post is shown only to your friends and contacts, think again.

No matter what your privacy settings are, there’s always a chance that a friend left their social media open, and someone could be looking at it. Checking in, allows thieves to plan their next move, so it’s best to steer clear of giving your exact location on social media.

2. Don’t Talk About Upcoming Travel Plans

Everyone loves to plan ahead and count down to the day they go on vacation. It might be difficult not to talk about how excited you are about your trip, but posting about your upcoming travel plans leaves you vulnerable to potential robberies and attacks.

You might have prepped your home for your summer vacation by making it more secure, but what if thieves plan on waiting for you at your destination? It’s best to keep bragging about where you’re going to a minimum, or if you really can’t help yourself, share the wrong dates.

3. Never Share Photos of Tickets and Passports

This may seem like an obvious thing not to do, but you’ll be surprised by how many people have shared private information such as boarding passes and tickets online.

Any type of document with personal information on it should never be posted to social media sites. Details like that could compromise your privacy and make it easy for scammers to steal your identity or use your details for fraudulent purposes.

Likewise, if you take photos with your phone of your passport and boarding pass, be sure to delete them straight after using them in case you lose your phone.

When it comes to storing your photos, there are lots of ways to keep your digital photos secure on vacation. So if you’re worried about losing anything while away, be sure to always have a backup plan.

4. Review Your Privacy Settings

If you’re traveling with friends and know there are going to be some memorable moments on the road, make sure that you check your privacy settings on social media. For example, if your tag settings allow for everyone to tag you in photos without your approval, you are giving up control of what other people post about you online.

Make sure that you review your settings so that any post you are tagged in needs your approval first. Likewise, if you tag others, and they haven’t reviewed their tag settings, ask them if you can tag them in case they forgot to review them. With anything you share on social media with people in it, make sure that the people are okay with you sharing it.

5. Post After Your Vacation

The fun might be over, but posting your photos to social media when you’re back gives you more safety and more privacy. Not only will thieves be thrown off track, but you’ll also be spared from questioning in case you didn’t give your employer the exact dates.

6. Be Aware That Your Photos Have Geo Tags

When you take a photo of a delicious meal in a restaurant or in front of a landmark, be aware that your photos have geotagged information that is stored in the metadata of the photo. What this means is that your photos have GPS information that reveals when and where you took them.

While many social media sites don’t disclose this type of information, some websites and apps do, so it’s always important to double-check before you post pictures online.

Put Safety Before the Urge to Share

Knowing when and what to share on social media while on vacation is paramount when it comes to your privacy. By being aware of the way your information is used and stored whenever you post, you’ll be able to make the right decisions before you decide to share your whereabouts online.

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