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Physical Fitness Reducing The Risk Of Cancer

Physical Fitness Reducing The Risk Of Cancer

It isn’t any black magic, nor there is any secret.
There is a direct correlation between physical fitness levels & lesser risk of lung or colorectal cancers. Even though it is advisable to take anti-cancer news with a pinch of salt, a tweet from the University of Alabama stated a plain fact that simply higher levels of physical fitness may sometimes act as a shield against certain varieties of cancer. The levels of data found through research show how outstanding levels of differences staying physically fit can make.

A fairly recent cancer-related tweet from the University of Alabama stated an unsurprising fact, which is high-physical fitness can act as a shield against certain kinds of cancers. What might catch someone’s attention is that there are tonnes of data to back up the fact that physical fitness can ward off a few types of cancer.

Henry Ford Health System, alongside John Hopkins University, based in Michigan launched a new study fueled by the tweet. The Henry Ford Group has the data of close to 70,000 people who were asked to appear for a treadmill test by their doctors in the years 1991 till 2009, which gave them a somewhat accurate grasp on the cardiorespiratory fitness of the subjects.

By tracking the ensuing health condition of the recorded patients from within the Henry Ford Group, as well as other external databases, the researchers could conclude how the fitness levels of the subjects affected their health later on in the future. In the experiment, it was found that the fitter the subject was, their lifespan lengthened.

Even though the idea of exercising to ward off cancer may seem a bit far-fetched to the average individual, it all comes down to improving the fitness to reduce the overall risk of being diagnosed with cancer.
Adding to that, the easiest ways to stay fit are exercising & eating healthy.

This very moment, scientists around the world are trying to decipher the process behind cancer formation in bodies & how to avoid getting cancer. But until a breakthrough is achieved, the sure-fire way to stay above cancer is to stay as fit as can.

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