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Drone photography: Tips and tricks

Here are our top drone photography tips to help you get the most out of your airborne camera

Drone photography has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Not so long ago it was only possible to photograph aerial images from aircraft or hot air balloons but, with the emergence of affordable consumer drones, we now have the ability to take to the skies and capture our own birds-eye views.

Despite this new freedom to pick up and fly a drone – in line with drone regulations, of course – simply taking to the skies and snapping away will not necessarily yield amazing results. Like any genre of photography, there are several factors that you can use to your advantage when shooting with a drone. If you want to improve your drone photography game, our top drone photography tips will guide you to capture stunning, impactful images and help take your drone photography to the next level.

This is part of a series of guides on, that have been crafted for people new to the field. If you’re looking for more helpful advice, check out our piece on astrophotography for beginners (opens in new tab) and our guide to aurora photography (opens in new tab).

Shoot in raw format

If you’re serious about your drone photography then this tip is a no-brainer – raw files allow for much greater flexibility if you plan to process your images with one of the best photo editing apps (opens in new tab). Capturing aerial images in raw format gives you the maximum amount of information to work with when you are processing your images.

Shooting in raw allows you to capture much more data and dynamic range than JPEG images, so you can work with all of the data captured by your drone’s camera sensor. Unlike raw files, which are uncompressed lossless images, JPEG files are compressed which results in a loss of information from your images. Shooting your images in raw format will also allow you to make use of some of our other drone photography tips below.

Research and plan the location

Part of the fun with drone photography is capturing views that simply cannot be seen from ground level. However, that doesn’t mean to say we can’t “see” our subject until we take to the skies. Randomly flying your drone to find a suitable subject can certainly work on occasions, but in the process you will drain your batteries and your flying time will be limited as you seek that killer composition.

Rather than just turning up at a location and hoping to capture some interesting shots, plan ahead to identify potential photography subjects and compositions. Google Maps is an excellent resource, which you can use to identify and research potential shooting locations from above, in advance of your shoot. Similarly, Google Earth is also a super useful planning tool as you can get a good idea of the topography for your intended location.

Time of day

Lighting is as important in drone photography as it is with any other form of photography. Harsh sunlight during the day can present problems like distracting reflections from buildings/water and it should be avoided if you are shooting in the direction of the sun.

Shooting in the early morning or evenings, when the light is softer and more atmospheric, is the optimal time for drone photography. A low sun will cast epic shadows of buildings, trees and people, which can only be fully appreciated from an aerial perspective. Take advantage of the flexibility your drone gives you and get creative with the shadows! Try taking some top-down images to capture a unique take on familiar objects.

Use the Rule of Thirds

When flying your drone you have the opportunity to shoot your subject from almost any position, which sometimes presents its own problem – how to compose the shot. The Rule of Thirds is a tried and tested composition guide for terrestrial photography and it can be applied equally effectively to drone photography. Most drone models have a grid overlay function that can be enabled via the drone’s app settings.

With a 3×3 grid overlay on your controller or camera display, use one of the four corners of the central rectangle as a positioning guide to anchor your subject in the frame. Off-centre compositions are pleasing to the eye and allow you to balance the image with other elements, colors or even negative space. If your image includes a horizon, place this on the grid so that the sky fills the top third of the frame, with the landscape filling the bottom two-thirds.

General Composition

Leading lines: Including a leading line will draw the viewer’s eye into the image and helps to create a visually interesting image with depth, such as a river or rows of trees.

Experiment with height: You don’t need to fly straight up to 400ft for a good drone image. Try shooting your subject from different heights to see how it affects the image – some of the best drone images are taken from lower heights.

Look for patterns and symmetry: Repetitive patterns and symmetry in the landscape can make very interesting images. Including these elements into top-down images often produces a dramatic effect.

Keep the ISO low

Drone cameras have relatively small sensors in comparison to their DSLR and mirrorless (opens in new tab) cousins. This means that shooting at anything above ISO 100, even on modern consumer drone sensors, will introduce unwanted noise and grain to your images. Set your ISO manually to ISO 100. You may need to alter your shutter speed (and aperture if your drone supports this feature) to expose correctly, but the resulting images will be cleaner and sharper.

Stack Images for Noise Reduction

Stacking is a technique often employed by astrophotographers to reduce the random noise pattern in an image and increase detail. Shooting at ISO 100 is a great start to increase overall quality but, by taking multiple images of a scene and stacking them in editing software such as Photoshop, your image quality will go to the next level. Set your drone to shoot in “Burst Mode” – on DJI drones for example, you can select 3, 5 or 7 frames. Shooting at 5 or 7 frames in burst mode is ideal. The resulting stacked image will be noticeably cleaner and, if you like to print your images, will allow you to print bigger.

Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) mode

One of the most useful features of modern drones is the ability to auto-bracket your shots to increase the dynamic range of your image. If you’re shooting a high-contrast scene, such as a sunset, you may find that a single exposure simply cannot capture the whole range of light from the shadows through to the highlights. When the AEB mode is enabled, the drone will usually take between 3 and 5 shots at different exposures. In a process similar to stacking multiple images, these separate exposures can then be merged in programs like Lightroom or Photoshop to produce a final image with a high dynamic range (HDR). Alternatively, you can just use the AEB mode to take different exposures of your subject and then choose the best-exposed image for processing.

Use Filters

The only essential accessory for drone photography. Invest in a set of good quality Neutral Density (ND) and Polarizing filters, such as those from PolarPro (opens in new tab) or Tiffen (opens in new tab), to control the light reaching your sensor. Neutral Density filters give you control over your exposures and, in the right conditions, allow for long exposure photography to stunning effect.

A Circular Polarizer is perhaps the most useful filter of all. Using one of these will reduce the glare from reflective surfaces like glass and water, saturate colors and increase the contrast of a scene to make your image pop with vibrance.

Use some or all of these photography tips the next time you fly your drone and see how your images benefit. Fly safely, have fun and don’t forget to pack those spare batteries (extra tip)!

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7 Top Airline Travel Tips for hassle-free travel

7 Top Airline Travel Tips for hassle-free travel

Travelling is one of the most important aspects of life that adds a new dimension to it. It adds colors and newness to otherwise mechanical routine life. Travelling makes them happier, relieving anxiety and stress by exposing them to new challenging scenarios. Challenging scenarios allow people to step out of their comfort zones. Such trips can be fun and exciting or hassle and frustrating based on your trip planning level.

Thus planning is an utmost essential before the trip begins. For a smooth travel experience, the first step is to book the mode of travel to your destination. Beforehand or booking well in advance helps fetch good value for money discounts in good airlines. It helps get deals and enjoy luxury travel. For example, while booking fly emirates, planning well in advance will help you save extra bucks. Such small savings add up and let you enjoy comfortable luxury travel within your budget constraints.

To help you successfully tick-mark your first step to travel and enjoy wholesome holidays, we have tips for your sound airline travel experience.

Airline travel Tips for sound and hassle-free travel:

1) Travel light -i.e., Pack Smart

The first and foremost tip for hassle-free travel is to pack smartly and reach out for multipurpose things. It is a common sight to get overboard while packing -we tend to get emotional. Thus, to travel hassle-freely, irrespective of the number of days you will be traveling, there is a facility of laundry everywhere. Rather than carrying unnecessary stuff, with all your attention on handling luggage, travel light and enjoy yourself.

2) Save time – Dress Appropriately for swiftly passing through the airport security checks.

Dressing appropriately also makes a lot of difference in saving time and enjoying the process. It is better to avoid heavy and chunky accessory pieces, a jacket that you can wear and remove -off easily, and easy-to-slide-in shoes, as these things need to be removed during security checks. It helps save time and avoid unnecessary hassle while boarding your plane.

Also, while passing through the airport, it is common to present your ticket several times before boarding the plane. Hence, wear something appropriate to carry related documents, travel tickets, and passport handy.

3)Download the airline app

Download from the play store the airline app you are to travel to within the coming days. For example, if you want to fly Emirates, download the Emirates app from Play Store for faster check-in and get the boarding pass. Also, downloading airline apps helps get the necessary information about flight updates. It keeps the traveler updated with the necessary details.

4) Reach the Airport well due on time.

To avoid the last-minute rush to the airport. It is wise to plan your journey in advance to the airport. It results in hassle-free proceedings while enjoying the whole travel experience while immersing in the travel experience. Keeping the considerations like distance to the airport, time of the year – peak or non-peak season and planning the travel according to saves from the hassle.

5) Pack strategically, keeping the essentials handy.

Traveling during the Covid times needs extra precautions and essentials handy. Keep the essential kit above the luggage containing your masks, sanitizers, wipes, phone chargers, and cords essentially aid travel hassle freely. Also, consider the items that need to be removed during security checks, like laptops and similar with their chargers, liquids, food items, etc., placing them strategically above the other luggage items. Packing in this fashion helps access the necessary stuff easily and quickly, avoiding unnecessary struggle.

6) Access Airport Lounges

Gather the necessary pieces of information, requirement, and details beforehand about the airport lounge access. It helps them enjoy themselves and seek additional amenities like a shower room, snacks, meals, etc. Instead of waiting for long intervals during layover near the airport gate, it’s better to spend quality time at the airport lounges.

7) Eyeing the airport monitors to check the flight status.

While it’s good to download the airline apps to check the flight status, it is also essential to keep an eye on the airport monitor to check the latest flight status. While the airport is buzzing with traffic, it is visible to double-check check gate number before heading to the facility. Double-checking the app updated information with the airport monitors helps get reliable flight information.

Instead of rushing through things while traveling – it is essential to enjoy the process possible by planning the journey well due on time.

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What To Wear On The Beach 5 Style Tips To Nail Beach Fashion

What To Wear On The Beach: 5 Style Tips To Nail Beach Fashion

With the onset of the holiday season, update your beach wardrobes with chic styles, breezy fabrics and fun colours!

What to pack for a beach vacation often takes up a week’s preparation, trying to keep it light yet ultra-stylish. Apart from incorporating some nice and colourful swimsuits, it is also important to pack a collection of summery dresses, sarongs and other cute little beach outfits to nail beach fashion. Whether you are looking for just bathing out in the warm sun or cruising over from lounges to fancy restaurants on the beach, thanks to the numerous fashion influencers these days, we know just what to pack! Keeping clothes that will work for both sun and sand throughout the morning, noon and night are essential.

How To Pick The Right Beach Wear

Dressing for the beach can be more complicated than just picking out the perfect swimsuit. Beach outfits that are a little dressy are great for dates at the beach or beach events like a concert or evening cocktail gathering. When it comes to cute beach dresses, the options are endless to start by. From casual to dressy and elegant, we’ve curated a list of the best beach outfits for this summer. These trendy and chic beachwear choices are going to be your absolute inspiration for your summer getaway.

1. Bright Maxi Dress

Whether it is that you need to cover yourself in the daytime or go for a nice candlelight dinner by the beach, this one is an easy choice. You can pick an all-floral number that is super breezy and fun to wear around. A sweet straw hat and bag will complete your look in style.

2. Bodysuit

A well-fitting swimming suit, according to your body type, with a little bit of texture in pop colours, that can later be paired with shorts and skirts to convert for easy evening wear as well, is another must-have. A vibrant coloured flattering swimsuit is bound to add some chic colours to your beach look. With new trends and the latest designs, swimsuits have become all the more attractive. You can pair it with a sheer shrug to add a dramatic edge.

3. Colourful And Printed Shorts

Carrying shorts that can just be paired with a bikini top or with a one-piece swimsuit for comfort, is yet another easy transitional outfit to go for. Summery colours, nice fitting shorts are both comfortable and stylish. Pairing them with bare minimum accessories and slippers, and voila, you are ready with another cute beach outfit!

4. Wraparounds Or Sarongs

One of the most essential and stylish fashion wear – beach sarongs have become more than just a necessity. Opt for some nice and classy coloured wrap around skirts that will set the beach mode on and will also be helpful post a beach swim in the cold waters. Pair these with chic bikinis or bodysuits, you can also style them with bralettes and denim shorts for a casual look.

5. Button-Down Dresses

Put on a monokini or a bikini and pair it with simple cotton button-down shirt dresses, and head out for that beach evening. They come out as an effortless and versatile outfit for beachwear. Button down dresses are timeless and here to stay for long. You can pair it with a belt for a sleeker and elegant look.

These are some outfit ideas that will help you plan a day down on the shore while keeping it simple yet chic. Take some time out for one wrong outfit can spoil the beach fun. The simple trick is to pack light but pack right, including comfortable shoes, lots of funky sunglasses and summer hats in the bag, and you are all set to go!

Here Are Must-Have Summer Accessories To Pack

When it comes to beach fashion, it is not just limited to swimsuits and dresses alone. You can elevate your fashion game with the following tips:

1. Carry A Good Pair Of Sunglasses

Keeping the eyes protected from the glaring sun is important; you can keep some fun shaped and coloured sunglasses that go well with your outfits.

2. Choice Of Shoe Matters

Keep it casual; carry sandals or slip-on, maybe some Hawaiian slippers, where comfort is the key. Beaches can require you to often take long walks to settle or reach from one end to another, and so going light on the shoes is a wise choice.

3. Pack Light Accessories

Remember you are packing for a beach; keep bare essential jewellery, some floral neckpieces or bright coloured earrings or bracelet if you want to add an extra style element to your outfit.

While we have chalked out what to wear on the beach, there are certain things that should also be avoided, for example dark coloured clothes, tight-fitting dresses or ill-fitted swimsuits. Instead rely on cotton shirts, cover-ups, shorts and tank tops to do the trick for you.

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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling In 2022

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling In 2022

Vacations are all about relaxing your mind and body. It’s a good time when you take a break from all work or daily routine. This is your time when you are completely stressed free and embrace freedom. But vacations are also about eating local and street food. It is also about not following any sleep routine, so you end up partying and gossiping with your friends at night.

Mere change in routine lifestyle can bring havoc with your body, especially your digestive system.  Not giving your body a proper rest and exercise can instantly turn your fun vacation into a trouble vacation. To help you overcome some common health issued during your vacation and have a healthy vacation, we have put together some tips. Follow these tips when you are out for your next vacation trip and we are sure that you will return with some good travel memories and stories.

Keep your body hydrated

Most of us avoid drinking water while travelling as this will lead to frequent urination and finding toilets can be a big problem.  Dehydration can quickly lead to slight headache and lethargy. You may also face occasional constipation. Hence, consider carrying extra water bottles with you while you are travelling and once you are settled in your hotel/ hostels don’t hesitate to drink an extra glass of water after your meal.

Give your body rest to adjust the new atmosphere

It is very important to give your body some time to adjust the new atmosphere. For example, if you are travelling to Rajasthan from Mumbai during the winters. Your body will instantly react to the temperature and chances of falling down with fever or cold is more. Hence you must give your body rest for a day once reaching at your location. A proper sleep and meal will help you in that.

Follow a proper diet

Being on vacation is all about splurging into deserts and new dishes every day.  It is very easy for an individual to get over indulged and end up eating too much of those tempting dishes.  Try to keep your diet similar to what you follow when at home.  Or you could try to have a lite meal during the night if you had a grand meal at lunch.

Eat seasonal fruits

If you are a fitness freak person and prefer to avoid all tempting street food then, we have a tip for you, explore the local market and try the seasonal and local fruits. This will also help you stay fresh throughout the day plus help you to stay hydrated.

Limit alcohol consumption

We know it is hard to limit the alcohol intake especially when you are on your vacation. But adding unnecessary soda in your body will lead to its affect such as perspiring and morning hangovers.

Prefer walking for shorter distance

When on vacations, try to cover a shorter distance by walking rather than going by bike or car. Doing this will help you to digest your food and burn those extra calories.

Morning walks

Visiting and exploring the new place in the morning can be really exciting and healthy in a way. Try to head out for a morning walk or jog while you are on vacations to give your day an exciting kick start.

Find unique ways to work out

You can find your fitness routine anywhere without hitting the gym. You can use the stairs rather than lifts, grab your fruit juice and indulge yourself in some Zumba dance. You can find your own unique ways to stay fit while you are on your vacation.

Find your balance

Vacation is all about rejuvenating your body and mind. Make sure you achieve this by balancing your mind and body. And this is all possible when you take care of your diet and health.

Sanitize yourself

Tissue paper, wet wipes and sanitizers is going to be your savior if you are travelling during the time of COVID 19.  No matter where you are travelling, touching things will be constant throughout your trip from escalators, handrails to lift buttons, from door handles to exchanging cards or cash. You will end up touching one or other thing. Make sure you inculcate a habit of washing your hand and applying sanitizer frequently.

Having a well-maintained sanitized car is a must if you are planning for a road trip. These days many online car subscriptions offer sanitized cars at your doorstep.  All you must do is browse your car, pay the refundable security deposit. Your car is ready at your pick location, you can also return it anywhere across states.

Above were a few essential tips that will surely make your next vacation filled with health and enthusiasm.

Happy Driving

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