Choose The Right Foods This Winter For Beauty And Health

Choose The Right Foods This Winter For Beauty And Health

A healthy, nutritious diet is the foundation of both health and beauty. Shahnaz Husain shares what you must include in your diet during the cold months.

Nature is actually the best physician and cosmetologist. She gives us fruits and vegetables, needed by the body for both health and beauty during the different seasons. In winter, we get fruits and vegetables which are beneficial to the body in cold weather. For instance, we get oranges, keenu and mousambi, rich in Vitamin C, which actually help to strengthen our immune system and protect us from colds, cough and respiratory ailments. Green leafy vegetables like lettuce, “palak”, “methi” and “sarson ka saag” are also rich in Vitamin C. In winter, the body also needs Vitamin A. So, have plenty of orange vegetables and fruits, like papaya and carrots. Amla, also available in winter, is the best source of Vitamin C.

Load up on vitamins

  • In winters, your body needs extra nutrition. You need to load up on vitamins and consume a whole lot of veggies and fruits.
  • Both Vitamin A and C keep the skin healthy and protect its youthful properties.
  • Vitamins A and E help to keep the skin soft and smooth.
  • Nuts and dry fruits are also available in winter.
  • Include peas in your diet too. They provide proteins and maintain body heat. They also contain vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. They are better taken unsalted.
  • Snacks made from sesame seed (til) and peanuts are popular. There is enough evidence that natural foods improve the external appearance.
  • Fruit and vegetable juices, freshly extracted, are ideal for making you look and feel better. Make them from seasonal fruits, like oranges, mausambi, pomegranate (anaar), or from carrots, spinach or cabbage. They help to cleanse and purify the system and prevent the accumulation of toxins. This reflects on the body, in terms of clear skin and shiny hair.

Keep your body warm with hot drinks

Winter is also the time for hot drinks. Instead of normal tea and coffee, try herb teas or soups. There are certain foods that actually help to keep our body warm. In Ayurveda, ginger is known as “a universal remedy” because it has so many benefits. Ginger tea can be taken after meals for digestion and for coughs and colds in winter. Ginger has to be boiled in water to make ginger tea. As everyone knows, ginger can also be added to a cup of tea. It is of particular benefit in winter. It can also be added to soups and chutneys and chewed raw. Black pepper and tulsi are also said to be useful in coughs, colds and respiratory congestion.

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Malaysian hiker almost lost in ‘forbidden’ part of Japan’s suicide forest

It’s always fun to explore a new place, especially if that place has an interesting history or community, or is shrouded in mystery.

And it is even better if you were to go without reading up too much on the destination prior to your visit. Just get basic information like how to get there and where to stay.

Of course, there are many types of travellers: Some would want to know and plan for everything beforehand, while others – like myself – prefer to just… wing it. Fortunately for me, I usually end up getting the best experiences from travelling this way.

One example is when I walked through the Sea Of Trees or Aokigahara in the Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan. I was in Tokyo a few days earlier for work, and had extended my stay. From the city, I took a bus to Lake Kawaguchi or Kawaguchiko, which is about two hours away.

Kawaguchiko is near Mount Fuji, and even though I wasn’t going to climb the mountain, I thought it would be a nice place to explore and hike. It was only when I got to the train station at Kawaguchiko, and ruffled through the tourist brochure, that I realised just how close I was to the infamous Aokigahara forest.

OK, cool.

The brochure was very useful and it gave me all the details I needed about hiking to Aokigahara. (Many of us now would just Google or check an app for information, but don’t dismiss the value of a physical tourist brochure, especially if there is no WiFi available in the area!)

I got on the tourist bus that would take me to the starting point of the Aokigahara walking trail, or so I thought. I must have missed the stop because when we got to the end of the route, it did not look like the picture in the brochure. I was the only one left on the bus so I asked the driver, “Aokigahara?”

He looked at me, nodded and pointed at the door.


There was a visitors’ centre or something at the place, but when I went into the building there was no one around I could speak to.


I found a trail behind the building that led into the forest. There was a sign in Japanese which I could not read, but since it did not have the “No Entry” symbol on it, I figured it was safe to enter the forest.

The trail was clear and looked like it had been properly built for walking or hiking purposes; it was also big enough for a whole horse carriage to go through.

As I was trying to decide which direction to go, an elderly man and a teenage boy suddenly appeared and the former cheerily said “Ohayo!” (good morning). “Tourist?”


“OK, enjoy!”

I took another path, one that had a little more light than where the men went. It was a wonderful trail and very easy to navigate, as long as you stayed on the path. Every now and then I came across distance and direction markers, but none were in English. No big deal, I thought, because I seemed to be going the right way… until I came to a section that… felt different.

Suddenly the beautiful forest was all quiet, and I could no longer hear the insects, bugs and small animals. The air also felt… it felt like there was no air, no breeze. Had I accidentally walk over to the “forbidden” part of the forest?

(The forbidden zone is clearly marked, although there is no large barrier – just a rope – that would prevent anyone from walking in.)

I started to get a little paranoid and looked around, but then I didn’t want to “see” anything so I stopped and kept walking instead.

There was more vegetation in this part of the woods, and the tree roots grew everywhere so the path was no longer clear. I had to stop every few meters to make sure I was moving straight forward and not to the left or right.

It was a little eerie but I was mostly afraid of getting lost than anything, as my phone signal was also very weak.

About 20 minutes later, I finally came across a sign nailed to the root of an interesting-looking tree with a pinkish bark. Again, I had no idea what the sign said, but it was a welcome sight nonetheless.

There was a bench nearby so I sat down and took a lunch break. As I was eating, I heard some children laughing in the distance… it was a group of schoolboys and their teachers having a field trip in the forest.

“Konnichi wa!” some of them said as they walked past me, a few bowing their heads.

“Hello!” I replied.

One of the boys stopped, smiled and said, “Good afternoon.”

I continued my walk, all the way to the Saiko Bat Cave Information Centre, which is the actual starting point of the Aokigahara walking trail. I had missed the Bat Cave tour (yes, there are some caves you can explore here), so I went back into the forest to see how much further the trail would take me.

As it turns out, it took me back to where I started. Perfect.

For a pictorial guide on how to get to the Aokigahara walking trail, check out the Yamanashi Prefecture tourist website (

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dangerous vacation spots

Four Of The World’s Most Dangerous Vacation Spots

Not all vacation spots are created equally. Some aren’t the best. Here are a few examples.

Millions visit Mexico securely consistently to witness the dynamic culture and view a portion of the world’s best archeological destinations, yet brutal sorted out wrongdoing makes the nation one of the more hazardous for travelers. Resort regions are commonly protected from the drug-related violations like kidnappings, burglaries, and carjackings, yet going outside of those touristy territories can be unsafe.

The world’s biggest nation is an enticing spot to visit, with its era of scholarly and aesthetic greats, immense and fluctuating scenes, and famous engineering. Travel in the North Caucasus can be risky because of common and political pressure and groups of hoodlums.

North Korea
North Korea is a completely one of a kind spot and a shadowy secret to a large portion of the world. Venturing out to the socialist state is conceivable however it is difficult or prompted. There is a low danger of fear-based oppression and wrongdoing, however, voyagers are in danger of capture and long haul confinement for overstepping laws that would not be viewed as criminal outside of North Korea.

Egypt’s tempting draws are various: the Nile River, the unlimited deserts, the antiquated pyramids, and the wonderful seashores and coral reefs of the Red Sea. Right now, voyagers face dangers of capturing and psychological warfare in the nation and are exhorted not to leave the Cairo metropolitan region.

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Ferrari Not Impressed By Fashion Design, Philipp Plein’s Instagram Post, Pursues Legal Action

Ferrari Not Impressed By Fashion Design, Philipp Plein’s Instagram Post, Pursues Legal Action

Ferrari, the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, isn’t intrigued by the Instagram posts made by German fashion designer Philipp Plein. The Ferrari legal counselors have sent a notice to Plein, obviously not happy with the utilization of the Ferrari brand in a portion of the Instagram posts that he is making. Plein is the proprietor of a green-hued Ferrari 812 Superfast. The fashioner has made a progression of Instagram posts with his green Ferrari in the edge and has since additionally posted a photograph of the letter sent by the Ferrari legal advisors, counsel Fabrizio Sanna of Orsingher Ortu Avvocati Associati.

Plein considers it a ‘love letter’ in his Instagram post. The legal notice also proposes that Plein must bring down all Instagram posts just as comparative posts made somewhere else on the web and online networking, inside 48 hours of accepting the last mentioned. At the season of composing this, the posts are as yet unmistakable on Plein’s Instagram feed. On the off chance that they are not brought down, Ferrari legal advisors have demonstrated that they will continue with the legitimate activity. That due date has since passed. Rather, Plein is terminating in an Instagram post. By chance, in a great deal of the posts he has shared on Instagram, we can likewise observe vehicles made by different producers, including Rolls Royce and Lamborghini. Plein has various posts that incorporate his Ferrari 812 Superfast and shoes or swimsuit-clad models making up a piece of the casing. As per The Fashion Law, Ferrari may very well have a solid case here.

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Points A Beginner Fitness Enthusiast Should Remember

Points A Beginner Fitness Enthusiast Should Remember

If someone is a total newcomer to the hobby/lifestyle of keeping fit or is getting back to the activity, finding the starting point can be a bit finicky.
The accurate workout schedule will vastly depend on the person’s fitness level, age, goals or other physical issues the person might be facing.

Starting with the bare-bones basic is the way to go regardless of what the end goal may be. These are the three main components in an exercise routine:

Weight Training- It is not a necessity to be lifting heavy lifts or be spending a lot of time on lifting weights, but it is fundamentally important to be lifting weights regardless of the weigh or the duration.
The more weight lifted, the stronger the muscles become.
It also helps with losing weight.

There are no particular exercise schedules that suit everyone since everyone has their different bodily needs, but there are a few guidelines which do apply to everyone for determining different bodily factors, which in turn will help with choosing between beginner, intermediate or advanced exercise schedules.

For a beginner, it is advisable to slowly ease into the exercise & not rush into it, allowing for the proper recovery of the body, getting into a proper beginner exercise schedule program & also learn to monitor exercising intensities.

Cardio Exercise- Any activity which increases the heart rate can be classified as a cardio activity, be it cycling, jogging, boxing, etc.

Flexibility Training- Being flexible is a necessity since during the exercise schedules, the need to flex the body may arise. Stretching of the body increases the overall flexibility & helps with post-exercise recovery.

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How to Take Beautiful Photos in the Fall 8 Tips

How to Take Beautiful Photos in the Fall: 8 Tips

Fall is the perfect season for photography thanks to its unique color cast. These tips will help you take amazing shots in the fall.

Fall is one of the most picturesque seasons, and many photographers eagerly await its arrival. The colors can completely transform how landscapes look, and the lighting is often softer than during the summer. And, of course, getting out and enjoying those crisp mornings is not the worst thing in the world.

You can point your camera at almost anything autumnal, and it’ll look pretty. But if you want to capture amazing shots that stand out, you’ll need to think a little harder about what you shoot. Here are our top tips for taking beautiful pictures during the fall.

1. Emphasize the Fall Colors

Fall is arguably the most unique season of the year thanks to the beautiful colors it produces. Depending on where you live, you might be able to enjoy forests and the countryside transformed with a tint of orange.

As a photographer, you should do your best to emphasize these colors. You can, for example, learn about color theory to help you capture more eye-catching shots. And during the post-production phase, you can use editing software to draw the viewer’s attention to these.

2. Prepare for All Weather Conditions

Although fall is one of the most beautiful seasons, it’s also one of the least predictable. Sun can quickly turn to rain, and—if you live really far north—you might need to prepare for unexpected snow.

Getting caught in weather you hadn’t predicted is, at best, an inconvenience that might ruin your shoot and your day. At worst, you could find yourself in danger. Before going out to shoot, think about everything you might need. Weather-sealed camera bodies and lenses are a good starting point.

As for yourself, consider taking a waterproof jacket. Layer up to keep yourself warm if you’re going into the mountains. You should also let others know your itinerary.

3. Focus More on Nature

Cityscapes are fun to photograph, but fall is a great time to try out landscape photography. Even places frequented by tourists can look completely different, and you’ll often have to deal with much fewer crowds than you would during the summer.

Forests and parks make for excellent photography locations during the fall. But beyond the slowly-shriveling plant life, you might also want to think about capturing images of wildlife. Many birds begin to migrate when the weather gets colder, for example. If you’re lucky enough to see them, you might get to capture an amazing show in the sky.

4. Get Up Early

Fall mornings are more pleasurable than most other seasons. The air temperature is normally cool, and you can capture beautiful sights like fog covering cityscapes. Even if you’re not usually an early riser, try waking up earlier.

If you live in a busy city, waking up earlier will also help you avoid most of the crowds when going out to shoot. One benefit of the fall months is that sunrise often happens a bit later, meaning you don’t need to get up unreasonably early.

5. Use Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority Mode

Once you’ve moved beyond the beginner photography phase, you probably won’t use auto mode much. If you typically use manual mode, you might want to think about switching things up a little during the fall months.

Aperture priority mode and shutter priority mode are incredibly useful features, and most digital cameras have both. When using either of these, you won’t need to worry about toggling your settings—enabling you to focus on capturing the perfect shot instead.

Remember that when you use either, you’ll still need to consider the other two components of the exposure triangle. Make sure that everything is as balanced as possible.

6. Toggle Your Camera Profile Simulations

When you first bought your camera, you probably used the default factory settings for your images. However, most modern devices give you incredible flexibility. Toggling your camera profiles is a good idea if you want to capture unique pictures of the fall where you live.

You’ve got several options when choosing film simulations. Many manufacturers have a wide selection of color profiles, but you’ll also find various monochromatic ones.

Many camera profile simulations will automatically apply to JPEG file images, but you’ll need to add them in your editing software for RAW ones.

7. Visit Somewhere New

Except for warmer weather, summer often isn’t an ideal time to travel. Accommodation and transportation prices are high, and airports are often busy. And once you get to wherever you’re traveling, you’ll usually need to deal with bigger crowds than you might have wanted.

Some people can’t travel outside the summer months, but if you have the option to do so, visiting somewhere new in the fall can give you a fresh bout of creative inspiration.

You can travel abroad, but you don’t have to. Is there a national park in your state that you’ve always wanted to visit? If so, figure out the logistics and head on over there with your camera.

8. Play Around With the Foliage

Few sounds are more satisfying than the crunching of fallen leaves as you walk on them. But have you ever stopped to think that you can utilize them in several interesting ways for your photography?

You’ve probably seen portrait shots of people picking up a batch of leaves and throwing them. If you’re into that style of photography, try it for yourself and see what you can create.

But even if you’ve got nobody to photograph, you can still have lots of fun with foliage. For example, you can try macro photography and capture a leaf’s details close-up.

Fall Is One of the Best Seasons for Photography

While the days aren’t as warm as the summer, and you’ll often have to deal with challenging weather, fall is a fantastic time for photography. You’ve got plenty of options to capture unique shots, even when visiting somewhere that has been photographed many times before.

You’ll need to think a little about logistics, and in some instances, waking up earlier is necessary for photographing unique moments. But if you’re willing to experiment, you can capture images that others wouldn’t have thought of.

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10 Manali Travel Tips To Vacay Like A Pro In This Himachali Paradise

10 Manali Travel Tips To Vacay Like A Pro In This Himachali Paradise

10 Manali Travel Tips

Here, we have discussed the top 10 Manali travel tips for all types of tourists. Read them and keep in mind while holidaying in the beautiful hill station.

1. Manali Climate

Manali is situated 6,730 ft above mean sea level on the Himalayas. The highest peak in Manali is 19,683-ft. These varying mid to high altitude make this place a versatile climate in all 4-seasons. One can experience cool weather throughout the year due to its high-altitude. The summer season starts in April and ends in June. The day temperature may vary from 30-degrees Celsius to 37-degrees Celsius. Yet the night temperature may drop below 20-degrees Celsius in summer. July to November is the monsoon season. Heavy rainfalls happen in July and August. December to March is the winter season. Heavy snowfall happens during this season. It is best to avoid the rainy season, as roads are prone to get blocked due to landslides and falling of trees. The rest of the seasons are best to go for adventure sports and recreational activities in Manali.

2. Clothing For Manali Trip

Manali trip tips on clothing are to carry a sweater in all seasons. This is because one can experience cold wind during the day and night. If you are visiting in summer, pure cotton fabrics are the best to wear during the day. You may need warm clothing during the night as the temperature drops down. You may feel some heat if you stand in the same place. It is advisable to carry raincoats and rain boots if you are visiting here during the monsoon. The winter is too cold in Manali. You must pack a bunch of woolen clothing. The temperature drops down below freezing point too. You must carry a woolen sweater, scarf, shawl, and warm jackets. You can also buy the best in woolen fabrics from Manali. Most of the hotels do provide woolen blankets.

3. Foods To Eat In Manali

Food is not a problem for vegetarians and non-vegetarians once in the Manali tour. The Manali is famous for Himachali Apples. One of Manali travel tips is that you must try some garden fresh apples. Lamb is the main meat available than chicken in Manali. You can get fry, gravy and tandoori forms in restaurants and hotels. The vegetarians can try some baked items of flour and vegetable curries. It is not advisable to eat from street vendors. It can create stomach problems. It is advisable to drink mineral water. On your way, you can find many cafes. They are the best to beat the cold by drinking hot tea and coffee. However, you must enter one, which is in hygienic condition. This is because; most of these vendors are like quick delivery.

4. Accommodation In Manali

You can find the Kullu Manali travel guide with a wide range of accommodations. All-inclusive Manali tour packages are the best to book in peak season to avoid inconvenience to find the right stay in and around Manali. There are many Mountain View resorts for the honeymoon couples to stay with food and comforts. You can find many budget-friendly hotels in Manali town. A few hotels are attached to a bar and restaurant. It is advisable to check they provide food or not. If you hop and search, you can find one during the non-peak season. There are chances to get a homestay too. You can find marketing people approaching you for a homestay with food. Whichever accommodation you find, you must check for HVAC, woolen blankets and they provide hot water 24-hours. Without these, you cannot stay at night due to the very cold temperature prevailing in the night.

5. Currency

You can find a Manali travel guide with many ATMs and banks. Yet, foreign tourists must carry Indian Rupees for making all types of financial transactions. If you are traveling from Delhi, it is advisable to exchange your nation’s currency from the airport itself. You can find many money exchange service providers in the airport lounge. There are also Forex service providers in Manali Town. Moreover, there are many nationalized and private banks in Manali. They do accept currency exchange. You can find many ATMs of private and nationalized banks. Most of the shops and establishments accept credit cards and debit cards. It is advisable to utilize them and save liquid cash. This is because; you have to give cash for all modes of transportation available in Manali. The domestic travelers can make use of various UPI and e-modes of payments through various payments apps. Therefore, saving liquid cash is not a constraint once in Manali. It is advisable to carry adequate cash since this is a mountainous region.

6. Local Transportation In Manali

Kullu Manali travel tips are the best to read once you start from Kullu to reach Manali. Yet most of the tourists do come from New Delhi via road and flight. Most of the tourists land in Shimla. They travel by road to reach Manali. It is advisable to try the Kalka Shimla rail route, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site in Himachal Pradesh. The most affordable way to travel by road is through state government bus services. There are many private travels in Manali. They serve many types of SUVs to tourists to reach various attractions of Manali. Your all-inclusive Manali adventure tour will include local transportation too. Locally, you can find pony and yak to carry you to various tourist attractions of Manali. They are the best to hire to climb rough terrain.

7. Adventure Sports In Manali

Manali tips of adventure seekers are to book in advance during the peak season. This is because the paragliding timings and the number of parachutes available with sports club are limited. Moreover, this is a tandem paragliding. It is advisable to book online and come to Solang Valley one hour before your paragliding time. This is because they give proper safety instruction to the tourists willing to take paragliding in Manali. This is the finest way to see the enchanting beauty of the Solang Valley. Similarly, you can learn to ski from Manali. It is advisable to book a weeklong vacation and learn skiing from the Manali sports club. You can learn to ski within a week. You must also take permission for various trekking trails, which are close to the China international border. Visiting under any of the best Manali adventure tours are the best to come here in peak season. You must also take permission to trek in high-altitude mountain ranges in Manali.

8. Documents Necessary For Manali Travel

Travel tips for Manali foreign and domestic tourists are to keep handy more than one ID proof. The foreign tourists must carry their passport. You must also report your Manali tour with the local police station with your Manali itinerary. This is because the domestic and foreign tourists must show their identity to take part in various mountain adventure sports available in Manali. Moreover, it is necessary to show while taking permission to trek in the valley and passes of Manali. The Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Board asks every tourist visiting here must carry more than one ID proof. International driving license is necessary for the foreign tourists if they are going to self-drive in the entire Manali tour by hiring a private travelers SUV. Most of the hotels do ask for your ID to permit you a room. You must also show your ID proof if the local police ask so.

9. Hiring A Local Guide

The foreign tourists and the first-timers are advised to hire a local guide once in the Manali tour. If you book an all-inclusive Manali tour package, you must check a local guide is included or not. If not, you must hire a registered travel guide only. They will plan according to your attraction visit preference and save you time and money. This is the best for a solo woman tourist too. A local guide is the best to hire if you come here for a 3-day visit. They will take you to all of the major attractions to see in Manali. It is advisable to hire a guide who speaks English and any foreign languages by foreign tourists. It will be better to fix their guide charges in advance. They usually never cheat the tourists. You can also give some tips if they have served you the best to explore Manali tourist attractions.

10. Tipping Culture In Manali

Manali is an international tourist destination under the Himalayan tour and skiing. Therefore the tipping culture is prominent in all hospitality serving places. You can give a tip below INR 100 in restaurants and bars. The hotel you stay does need to pay tips the day you vacate. You can pay together or individually as you wish. This can include your room cleaners, servers, and laundry. However, they will not compel for tips.

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Top 5 tips to travel on budget

Top 5 tips to travel on budget

Holiday Spending Money

This is often a requirement that gets overlooked but can either pose little to no costs or if a poor decision is made, add significant costs to your overall trip. We all need money to spend when we are on a trip so looking at how to send money abroad with the least costs can yield excellent savings.

Often the first thought is to use a high street bank to send money for you, but banks tend to be amongst the most expensive methods to send money abroad. You could choose to send cash, but this is an extremely risky business and cannot be recommended as the exposure to the risk of theft or fraud is very high indeed. Choosing to use a money transfer provider can yield excellent savings and is actually a very simple process to initiate and complete. An online money transfer provider is likely to be one of the cheapest ways to send money, and as an additional bonus, far quicker than a traditional bank. They can be much easier to use too. You need not leave your home to complete a transfer and no one likes trying to park their car just to visit a high street bank.

Plan Ahead

This top tip is often overlooked, we all love spontaneous holidays or trips abroad, but often leaving things to the last minute if you have fixed ideas on your destination and timescale can end up costing you a premium. Airlines and hotels often run business models that are designed to give them maximum occupancy of their products, so booking in advance can give you the best chance of a good deal. Hotels are especially savvy when it comes to tactical pricing. If you are headed to see a concert, once you have booked your tickets, booking your accommodation should be a top priority.

The longer you leave it, the less choice you will have and often local hotels in the area have increased the cost of rooms on nights where local events mean they are likely to sell all the accommodation they have available.

Be Smart With Dates

Choosing when you travel can make an enormous difference to the costs. If you are not constrained by school holidays, it makes the best sense financially to avoid these times as both hotels and airlines will increase the prices of their products during school holidays. Sometimes towards the end of a holiday period bargains are to be had where you are travelling out to a destination just as the majority of people are returning.

Using a flight cost comparison site can give you a great deal of information on the difference in cost and the time of day a flight is booked makes. They also let you see what the cost differences are when you are heading to a popular destination either just before the school holiday season starts or ends. If you are taking your family, or even other friends with children to a holiday destination during a school break it is worth shopping around as early as possible to ensure you get the best deal.

If you are looking for entertainment whilst on your trip, it is also worth investigating the costs as some venues and activities naturally cost more when the demand is highest. Factoring in the variables between entertainment costs, accommodation costs and the prices of flights or rail tickets can yield quite significant cost differences with only a small change in the times you intend to depart and return.

Choose Accommodation Carefully

We would all love to stay in a fully serviced hotel where we never need to worry about making the room up in the morning or having to consider what to cook for dinner. But this ease of living comes at a cost. Today’s digital society provides some excellent alternatives that can yield impressive cost savings and yet provide an alternative, often far more interesting venue for our accommodation.

Services like Airbnb can offer unusual accommodation at economically attractive rates. Using their online search tool can give you plenty of options. Be sure to consider the costs of airport transfers and ongoing local travel during your stay as an out-of-the-city location may be very appealing in cost, but the time taken to travel back and forward each day can eat into your core entertainment time. In addition, the costs of seemingly small journeys from your accommodation to the venues and places you wish to visit can add up. So be sure to weigh up the alternatives. One area where cost savings are going to be positive is in your holiday food bill. If you choose to stay at a hotel, your only option for a hot meal is to either eat within the hotel or at a local restaurant, this can add significantly to the overall trip cost. But if you choose to stay at an Airbnb, often there are cooking and dining facilities within your accommodation, using these can yield significant savings and in addition, can give you that home-cooked meal that we are all craving towards the latter days of an extended break.

Look At What You Leave Behind.

This one will depend on where you live, but Airbnb or similar services can provide an excellent way to recoup some of your travelling and accommodation costs whilst on holiday. As you will not be staying in your own accommodation, this becomes available for someone else to stay in whilst you are away. Various internet-based services are available to market your property for the times you are away, taking a booking can introduce an income whilst you are away that will help offset your spending costs. If you do not have a suitable property, or do not wish to rent your own property in this way, but do have access to a parking space within a city location, or near a railway or airport, the same types of services exist to rent out your parking space whilst you are on holiday. Whilst not suitable for everyone, these kinds of services can help you balance the books and make a trip significantly less costly.

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7 Wellness Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

7 Wellness Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Here is a list of a few easy tips to follow for a healthy lifestyle

Ever since we were hit by the pandemic, two years ago, our lifestyle has changed drastically. We began working from the comfort of our homes but what we missed to foresee were the impacts of it on our health. The lifestyle which was already sedentary for most of us, now became even more confined. Lack of exercise, untimely sleeping patterns, over-eating, rising screen time are just a few of the flaws of the work from home culture. The unhealthy lifestyle gets us closer to the risk of many chronic problems like hypertension, heart ailments, diabetes etc.

For maintaining a healthy lifestyle, let’s introduce some healthy habits for your complete well-being.

1. Eat Healthy Meals

This may sound mundane and repetitive but eating healthy balanced meals can lead to a better lifestyle. Even though you are working from home with no definite schedule, make sure to time your meals and not to skip any meal. Eating a protein rich and fibrous diet will help you keep active throughout the day. Reduce the intake of sugar, fats and salt. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

2. Exercise Regularly

Aerobics, zumba or other cardio exercises is the best way to keep your physical and mental health in track. Working on the belly fat which is a product of the sedentary lifestyle will ensure a better metabolic lifestyle.

3. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is often overlooked. But it is important to know that staying hydrated ensures the optimal functioning of the body along with giving you a supple smooth skin. Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated which also keeps the blood volume in check.

4. Avoid Unhealthy Habits

Alcoholism, smoking or drug abuse often have a negative impact on the physical and mental health of the person. So, if you are habituated to any of these, try cutting them off gradually. This will not only lead to a better lifestyle but also avoid risk of chronic diseases.

5. Meditate

Stress is a major cause leading to chronic ailments. Stress affects the body’s blood sugar levels, food choices, body weight, susceptibility to illness etc. For mental wellbeing, it is advisable to meditate regularly. Dedicating even a few minutes a day for meditation will work wonders for your mental health.

6. Reduce Screen Time

With the work from habit lifestyle, the screen time has reached its peak. We are always hooked to either our phones or laptops. But besides the usage for work, we can curtail the screen time. Opt for some hobbies like reading, painting or gardening instead of binging on some sitcoms. It will not just reduce the screen time but give you enough time to explore your likings.

7. Get Enough Sleep

We cannot emphasize on the importance of a quality sleep. All of us have been sleeping at odd hours and have taken the sleep cycle for granted. Poor sleeping patterns can disrupt appetite, reduce physical performance and can give mental fatigue. To avoid this, have an 8-hour sleep daily.

This is an exhaustive list of some habits which you can introduce in your daily life for a healthy lifestyle. Besides this you can also consult your doctor and incorporate vitamin and protein supplements in your diet.

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Travel tips for millennials to make your trips efficient and affordable

Travel tips for millennials to make your trips efficient and affordable

Travelling refreshes both the soul and the mind. These days, whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a first-timer, any day or time you decide to travel is an excellent time to begin planning your next adventure. It doesn’t have to be a long journey; a weekend trip to a different location can satisfy your wanderlust!

Because millennials enjoy travelling but may not want to splurge, it’s critical to take advantage of all opportunities to save money with these travel tips before you start packing your suitcases:

Plan in advance

Plan ahead of time. You are possibly the most liberated you have ever been in your life. You are not constrained by the responsibilities of maturity, such as children, spouses, and other obligations. While the world is your playground, and packing up and leaving sounds appealing, you should think about organising. With so many options, it’s best to plan your trip around the cheapest times. Even if it’s off-season or at an odd hour of the week, it may be worthwhile. Do your research before deciding on a time and date.

Draw up a budget

Planning and budgeting are typically tedious tasks, but this isn’t just any budget; it’s a travel goal budget for an adventure you’d like to embark on. After you’ve determined where you want to go, it’s time to figure out how to get there. Learn more about the destination to which you intend to travel, calculate your expenses according to your budget, and look for deals online to compare and cut costs throughout your stay.

A road trip

Booking alternative modes of transportation can be time-consuming and expensive. Getting in the car with all of your friends for a few hours may be the most enjoyable part of your journey. A road trip can be a great way to save money while still having a fun holiday. Stopping along the way at camp sites or homestays, for example, eliminates the cost of luxurious hotels and resorts, allowing you to truly experience the journey on your own terms.

Travel during off-season

The time of year you travel may have a significant impact on your expenses. Off-season travel, on the other hand, usually results in lower airfares and hotel savings. Travelling during the off-season may result in less-than-ideal weather, but the savings usually outweigh the inconvenience. As you plan your next vacation, play around with different travel and lodging options. You might be surprised at how much the rates fluctuate.

Rent a vacation homestay instead of staying in a hotel

The costs are usually lower, and you get the opportunity to ‘live like a local.’ It usually includes amenities such as a kitchen and a washer, which can help you save even more money. You won’t be charged extra luggage fees, for example, because you can do laundry. Alternatively, instead of eating out, cook a couple of meals at home.

Travel like a local

Explore destinations other than the usual tourist traps. Don’t be afraid to explore your neighbourhood and interact with new people! This will enrich you with new experiences and create a journey that you will remember for the rest of your life.

It’s important to remember that travelling does not have to be as expensive as some people make it out to be. Don’t let others tell you that you’re too young and inexperienced to see the world. If you are adaptable and open to new experiences, it could be the experience of a lifetime. Choose a destination, plan ahead of time, and go have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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