How Much Will It Cost To Visit Mauritius? Here Is A Budget Breakdown

Fancy a vacation in Mauritius? This is what a trip to Mauritius will cost, from flights and accommodation to food and activities.

Many people yearn to visit one of the best African destinations and wonder what it might cost to explore this Indian Ocean paradise. Well, a trip to Mauritius is definitely going to cost a traveler, but that doesn’t mean it is too expensive to visit. It is actually cheaper when compared to Seychelles. The actual cost of visiting Mauritius depends on where one is traveling from, the type of accommodation one wish to have, the number of travel days, and what they are planning to do during the trip. Tourists planning a Mauritius 10-day itinerary will spend more than those looking to stay for a couple of days. Here is a budget breakdown of what exploring this country might cost.

Mauritius Cost Of Travel: How Much Does It Cost To Fly In?

The Cost Of Flying To Mauritius

July to August is the high season for flying to Mauritius. Between September and November is the low season, which means the cost of flying is much cheaper.

  • The average cost of a flight ticket to Mauritius from the USA: $466 one-way, $789 round trip
  • Most popular route: New York John F Kennedy Intl to Port Louis Sir Seewoosagur
  • The cheapest airline ticket along this route: $789 round trip
  • The average cost of a flight ticket to Mauritius from the United Kingdom: $392 one-way, $757 round trip

How Much Does It Cost To Get Around In Mauritius?

The cost of getting around Mauritius will depend on which means one is choosing to move from one destination to another. If renting a car, one can pay between $48 and $144. The size and the equipment of the vehicle influence the final cost.

  • The average cost of renting a car in Mauritius: $85

Getting around on public transport? This is one of the cheapest ways of getting around the archipelago. A one-way trip costs about $0.81, while a one-month pass, a suitable option for someone planning to spend weeks in Mauritius, costs $21.

  • The average cost of a one-day trip via a bus: $0.81
  • The cost of a monthly pass: $21
  • The cost of a taxi: $1.60 (initial fare), $1.70 (fare per kilometer)

How Much Does Accommodation In Mauritius Cost?

Accommodation is the most expensive thing to plan for during a visit to Mauritius, and like flights, hotels can get pretty pricey during the high season. So, vacationers planning to visit this island nation on a budget should visit during the low season. Traveling to Mauritius on a budget? Luckily, there are the top most affordable hotels in Mauritius to accommodate visitors with a lower amount to spend on their vacation. One can get accommodation for as low as $21. Mid-range hotel prices start at $53. To obtain a double room on Airbnb, vacationers spend $52.2 per night, which can increase during the peak tourism season. Luxury travelers can stay in one of the most expensive hotels in Mauritius. The average cost of accommodation in Mauritius is $183.

  • The average cost of accommodation in Mauritius: $183

How Much Does Food Cost In Mauritius?

The cost of food in Mauritius will depend on the interests and budget of the vacationer. Street food costs an average of $10, while a sit-down meal is $26. A lunch may cost about $15.

A bottle of drinking water and a soft drink each costs $0.90. A beer bought in a bar is about $3.80.

  • The average cost of food in Mauritius: $10 for street food, $26 for a sit-down meal at a restaurant
  • The cost of drinks in Mauritius: $0.90 for a bottle of drinking water and a soft drink & $3.80 for beer

What Is The Average Cost Of Activities In Mauritius?

There are incredible activities to do in Mauritius, including non-touristy things. The money one will spend on activities depends on what one wants to see. The average cost of walking tours in Mauritius is $56, with prices varying, depending on the group size. The average cost of seeing a show or going to a theater in the country is $7.60. Entrance tickets to museums and attractions cost an average of $17.

  • Cost of walking tours: $56
  • The cost of seeing a show or theater: $7.60
  • The cost of entrance tickets to museums: $17

Money-Saving Tips For Visiting Mauritius

  • Visit this island nation during the low season. This can save travelers up to 60% of their vacation costs.
  • Book early to experience the best of this country for less. Booking earlier saves a lot of money on flights and accommodation. One can use sites like to book flights and accommodation.
  • Rely on street food if visiting on a budget. Eating like a local will help vacationers save money, especially when exploring the most touristy areas or the bigger cities.
  • Use the bus to get around. Getting around by bus is the cheapest option for moving around. Mauritius’ public buses are comfortable and safe – and cost less than a dollar for a one-way trip. If staying around for a long time, it is best to purchase a monthly pass.
  • Avoid paying for daily excursions. While going on island hopping tours, guided walks, diving, or windsurfing classes are an interesting way of spending a Mauritian vacation, this could lead tourists to spend a lot of money. To save on activities and entertainment, go for cheaper activities like swimming and snorkeling for free at a beach.

How Much Does It Cost To Visit Mauritius?

Vacationers can visit Mauritius for its scenery but also for its historic sites. Whatever one’s reasons for visiting Mauritius, how much should one budget for? The amount of money to set aside for a Mauritian vacation depends on the traveler’s lifestyle and the number of travel days.

  • The average cost of visiting Mauritius: $403 per day (minus flights)
  • The average cost for a budget traveler: $54 per day
  • The average cost of a one-week vacation in Mauritius from the USA (including flights): $3,610
  • The average cost of a one-week trip in Mauritius for a budget traveler: $1,167
  • The average cost of a one-week vacation in Mauritius from the UK: $3,578

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