Travel Scams To Look Out For

Traveling around the world is what keeps a lot of us from completely losing our minds in this hectic world. Visiting far-off places, learning about their cultures and values, trying new foods, experiencing the flora and fauna, visiting many sites enriches our minds with knowledge and cultural goodness which is never possible through watching documentaries on National Geography or other channels. However, greedy people who want nothing to do with tourists other than their money are found almost everyone on the face of the earth. If you happen to go out with a tour guide, you are somewhat safer, but if you choose to venture out alone, here are some tourism scams you might want to look out for.

  1. Broken Taxi Meter- Taxi drivers close to air terminals or train stations are known to pull this trick, yet it can happen anyplace. When you get into a taxi and begin to drive, the driver will tell you that the meter is broken and charge you a ludicrous cost.
  2. Overbooked Or Closed Hotel- This basic travel scam happens to a great extent with taxi drivers. While on the way to your inn, the driver will disclose to you your inn is either shut or overbooked and afterward take you to an increasingly costly inn where the driver gets a huge commission.
  3. Free Bracelets Or Rosemary- This trick will, in general, go after female voyagers. An agreeable man or lady will way to deal with talk, at that point place a “free” kinship armlet on your wrist. Or then again give you a sprig of Rosemary for good karma. When you have it, they will request cash. When you deny, they will start to create a scene in the public.
  4. Phony Police Officers- The phony cop trick is a prevalent one in numerous large urban communities. Frequently, an individual will approach a vacationer and offer illegal things, similar to drugs. While talking a couple of other individuals will approach, seeming, by all accounts, to be cops and brandishing fake badges. They will at that point demand the confused and scared voyager hand over their visa and wallet. Be that as it may, they are not cops.

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