5 Best Ways To Rest in Dubai In 2022

Dubai is the largest megalopolis of the Middle East, the most cosmopolitan city in the UAE, and at the same time the city of miracles, believe in which it will finally succeed, only looking at them. In this article, we collected several Dubai entertainment for you, which you can do on your holiday.

Already today, vacationing in Dubai is a trend. Many tourists go there without special training that will definitely need everyone. It is possible to justify this by the fact that the city is very large and attractions and places a huge amount.

The search for the best entertainment in Dubai is engaged with those tourists who want to have a great time to spend their holidays. The UAE loves to amaze the application of the latest technologies. Many attractions are not historical, namely the super-modern implementation of the creative ideas of talented specialists. After all, entertainment is not only visiting places, but also more exotic classes.

1. Rent a Luxury Car

Most likely you will arrive in Dubai and you will be shocked by the number of luxury cars. Already at the airport, you can understand that this city is rich. Interestingly, even local policemen go inexpensive cars. Many of the cars you saw in magazines or the Internet, yes, these are the very laborer and Ferrari, for sure, regardless of whether you are a woman or a woman, you dreamed of such a car. It is here on the Persian Gulf Embankment that you can fulfill your dream and ride a dream car.

In Dubai, the car rental service is very developed, one of the best examples is company. You will have a large fleet of services, as well as customer service. Cars are always clean and well-groomed here. Of course, it will give you great pleasure, because the wind in the hair is so cool. Already on the first day of rest, you can feel the most desirable feeling of ease. Having done his dream, you decide another question. Question with transport, because to move around the hot weather, on foot or on a bike is definitely not for you. If you arrived with the whole family, you can also rent a car suitable for the family size. Do not forget to take into account some things you need to know before renting a car.

2. Dubai Marina Walk

Many tourists in Dubai are limited to a sightseeing tour of the city, a campaign to the water park and a shopping center, forgetting that there are a lot of interesting and beautiful places in Dubai, which include the Dubai Marina embankment or, as they are also called, The Walk.

On the Embankment of Dubai Marina, you will find everything you have: beautiful architecture, sandy beaches, luxurious restaurants, cheap cafes, trendy shops, and souvenir shops. If you need a shopping center, you have a huge Dubai Marina Mall. In addition to power walks on the embankment, you can make an evening jog.

3. Safari Walk in the Desert

This is one of the brightest excursions in Dubai. We advise you to highlight the day on a trip to the Arabian Desert: to drive on the jeeps on the red sands, dive into the verso, get to the heart of the desert, and spend the sun in the sunset.

From such an adventure breathtresses! Above Dubai almost never happens clouds, so the sunset in the desert is especially beautiful. It was just light – and suddenly the night fell on Earth. The excursion ends with dinner in the Bedouin village with a beautiful Arab show, hookahs, and camel skiing. Be sure to raise your eyes and admire the stars: Dubai is very bright, so they are almost not noticeable in the city, and in the desert, they sleep all the sky.

4. Visit Dubai Parks and Resorts

If you came to rest with children, then this place is required to visit.

Bypassing all the zones of this complex per day is unrealistic. The composition of the Amusement Park Dubai Parks and Resorts includes several different entertainment centers.

  • Motiongate Dubai – colorful cartridges from the DreamWorks studio are located on its territory.
  • Bollywood Parks Dubai immerses the atmosphere of Indian blockbusters.
  • Legoland Dubai is a classic stylized park + water park. As well as the Riverland Dubai trading and restaurant area on the shore of the artificial river.

5. Visit the Miracle Garden and the Butterfly Garden in Dubai

After sharp bends on a safari, you will want peace, the flower park is the right place, here you will find peace, such a miracle can only be seen in Dubai. A bright landscape attraction-oasis is a universal destination, where all tourists like it. However, when visiting, you need to take into account seasonality: grandiose flower arrangements can only exist until the onset of the summer heat, and this is mainly the period from November to mid-May.

Every year, the garden of 150 million flowers surprises with new sights: here you can see flower castles, an amphitheater, figures of cartoon characters and animals, copies of the Wonders of the World and the Passage of Hearts, which has become traditional for the park – after all, for the first time the garden received visitors precisely on St. Valentine’s Day. Garden of Miracles works in conjunction with the world’s largest butterfly garden, where under 10 large domes there are about 15,000 individuals – representatives of 26 species. This place is a must-see for the whole family, this is a gorgeous photo zone for taking pictures as a keepsake of the coolest vacation in Dubai.


We picked up a few forms of entertainment that can be found in Dubai, this is not half and not a quarter, there is a lot of entertainment, and if suddenly you doubt or not on vacation, then you should surely read 5 reasons you have to go to the Emirates. Where you can visit the beautiful city of Dubai.

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