Four Amazing Vacation Spots For The Cheap

With worldwide airfares taking a dip, now is probably the best time to pack your bags and go out exploring! Here are four of the best vacation spots to visit when your wallets are not that tightly packed.

Mazatlan, Mexico- Mazatlan is abounding with marvelous restaurants and crisp, fascinating dishes. Lodgings are amazingly modest and true since most aren’t a piece of the colossal chains. El Cid Marina has magnificent pools that are ideal for families, extraordinary nourishment and enormous rooms.

South Africa- With traveling expenses and hotel prices being absolutely rock bottom, spending a holiday in South Africa is a no-brainer. Add on top the local wine prices which can be acquired for less than the price of a can of soda, South Africa can be a dream destination for those seeking a holiday getaway for the cheap and a load of fun!

San Juan, Puerto Rico- With Puerto Rico still being inside the boundaries of the US, there is no hassle of passports and with US Dollars being legal tender, there is no money lost during the exchange.

Chile- With the current exchange rates being favorable, visits to any European country is fair game! With Chile, there is a lot of delicious food and amazing wine to go by. With the local scenery being exquisite and renting cars being very easy and cheap, Chile is an ideal vacation spot on a budget.

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