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7 Tips To Make Your Travel More Enjoyable

In a span of one day, more than 8 million people travel across the world, be it for short or long-distance flights. Today’s flights are fuller, lines are longer, and security continues to grow more stringent. At Let’s Go Travel, we understand how hectic this can all become. That’s why we are dedicated to making your holiday as stress-free as possible, by catering to your unique needs, down to the smallest detail.    

Our team helps plan your itinerary, book your flights and hotels, and can even give you advice on park fees and visas, to ensure that you are comfortable and happy throughout your trip. However, there are also a few tricks you can keep up your sleeve for an easier time while travelling.  

Here are 7 tips to help make your travel more enjoyable:  

Bring some Entertainment 

When you’re travelling to destinations such as East Africa, getting there can involve a long-haul flight, and while staying entertained for upwards of six hours may seem like a challenge, all it requires is a little forethought and creativity.  

Some of the things you may want to consider doing on your flight include:  

  • Read book or magazine  
  • Listen to a podcast or some new music  
  • Play a good old-fashioned game (make sure to bring a deck of cards with you)  
  • Catch up on last minute work so you don’t have to worry about a deadline  

Make Sure To Take a Reusable Water Bottle 

Carry your own reusable water bottle and fill it up at the airport before departure. This ensures that you don’t get thirsty while on the flight and cuts on costs, as you won’t have to purchase bottled water. This would also be a great step towards being a more sustainable tourist. Compared to plastic bottles, reusable water bottles are: 

  • Safer for your health  
  • More environmentally friendly  
  • Longer lasting and more durable  
  • Cheaper in the long run 

Don’t Forget Your Portable Charger 

There isn’t any worry that can be compared to that of a dying phone, especially when travelling to a destination that you know so little about, so don’t forget to carry your portable charger! Today, there are even seat electrical plugs that are fitted in the planes in which allow you to charge your devices.  

Carry some Disposable Wet Wipes and Deodorant 

By ensuring you have some disposable wet wipes, especially during long flights, you can stay fresh and comfortable, until you have the opportunity of taking a proper shower. In addition, carrying a top-quality deodorant will help you stay confident and perfectly protected – just make sure it’s a travel-sized one! 

Plan Your Travel Outfit(s) 

The savviest flyers understand that it takes a combination of factors to create a positive travel experience, and ultimately, comfort plays a huge part in making long-distance flights more pleasurable. That’s why you should never leave your travel clothes as a last-minute thought. Some clothing tips for a long haul flight include:  

  • Avoid long skirts or maxi-dresses 
  • Wear layers and/or things that can fold into a pillow  
  • Make sure your clothes are made of natural, breathable fabric and don’t restrict you  
  • Make sure your clothes have a couple of pockets  

In addition to clothes, some other items that you may want to consider taking along with you include noise-cancelling headphones, an eye mask, and a neck pillow, as these will ensure you get a good night’s rest.  


One item you should never forget to put in your carry-on is a packet of gum. Chewing gum as the plan ascends and descends can relieve pressure in your ears, and it also eliminates post-airplane-meal breath, and refreshes you after a nap.  


In addition to the above items, always ensure that you have all your documents in check before planning to travel. Travel documents are a crucial element when it comes to a stress-free holiday and failure to properly plan will only cause you headache, and may even result in the cancellation of your travel plans. 

Things You Must Do Before Travelling  

  1. Make sure your passport and visa are up to date. 
  2. Talk to your travel advisors, as well as check for any travel warnings. 
  3. Get the required vaccinations. 
  4. Make sure your trip is registered before going to the airport. 
  5. Ensure the choice of airline and aircraft used for travel is sustainable 
  6. Carry all the necessary documents, as well as copies. 
  7. If necessary get a travel insurance
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