5 quirky travel essentials for an Insta-worthy airport look

When it comes to airport fashion, comfort and style are both important factors to consider. After all, you want to look good for the ‘gram, but you also want to be able to move around easily and be comfortable during a potentially long flight. Airport looks are no longer limited to celebrities on social media. Today, almost all GenZ and Millennials have mastered their airport looks for their Instagram vacation posts. In the 21st century, vacations are mostly about sharing live updates on social media, and an airport look is not just restricted to what you wear but also the accessories you carry and how well you style them. Here’s a list of buddies that you can add to your collection and upgrade your travel game.

Shruti Kedia Daga, Head of Marketing, Nasher Miles, shared some fashion essentials that can help you achieve an Insta-ready airport look.

1. Quirky Travel Bag

As all seasoned travellers, especially the likes of Gen Z and Millenials know, having the right luggage can make all the difference when travelling in style. Every detail matters, whether it is dressing to impress or choosing the proper mode of transportation. However, one aspect that is often overlooked, is the type of baggage to carry. Travel luggage is not just a commodity; it’s also a fashion statement today, and it helps reflect your personality.

Choose your bag carefully; look for one that is attractive, lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and has spacious interiors. There are many uber-cool luggage designs and a vast range of colours available in markets that are super stylish yet sturdy with long-term durability. Quirky bags will enhance your trending airport looks and vacation Instagram posts.

2. Sneakers

Sneakers are the best option for travel. Today, the trend is to wear the most comfortable pair of sneakers that make you look cool and stylish. If you want to play it safe, choose white sneakers and tie laces.

3. Neck pillow

A Neck pillow is an absolute essential while travelling. It provides support and comfort to your neck and head while sleeping, which is especially important on long flights. It also helps maintain proper posture for extended periods of time, particularly during travel, and the best part is that they are lightweight and long-lasting. Always choose a simple amd versatile colour neck pillow that can be paired with any outfit.

4. Headset

A set of headphones is one of our travel essentials, especially during long flights. Apart from providing us with good music to keep us company while travelling, headphones also double as a subtle “do not disturb” sign. A quirky headset is one of the most important elements that can enhance your overall airport look.

5. Comfy sweatshirt

Airport fashion has to be stylish and comfortable, as comfort is essential when travelling. And so, keep your outfit simple yet stylish. Avoid wearing short, flared skirts as they may be uncomfortable. Choose a pair of jeans and pair them with a sweatshirt or go for a cord-set and simply put on a pair of sunglasses that’ll add up to your glam.

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