London travel tips: 5 best modes of transportation in the city

London travel tips: Wondering how to get around the capital of England? Read on to know about some of the best modes of transportation in London.

Visiting London can be one of the most fantastic ideas for a tourist. The capital city of England has got ample things to offer and enough activities that will keep you busy throughout for however long you chose to stay in the beautiful city.

5 ways to travel around London

Rental Cars

To experience the charm of other cities, rental cars can be convenient and worth the investment. You can book these cars through AutoEurope, Kayak, Sixt and more. There are various car options one can choose from, including the price ranges.

Other modes of transport in London

DLR (Dockland Light Railway)

It is an automated railway network that specifically covers the dockland areas which is the east and south-east region of London. The key difference between the train system and DLR is that the latter does not have drivers. It links the London City Airport to the rest of the tube networks. In terms of fare, they are pretty much the same as Overground and Underground train system.


This is one of the best modes of transport in London and specifically from Wimbledon, through to Beckenham. The tram services, also known as London tram link, have four major lines and 17 miles of track. This huge network is used by many but it is well used in the southern region of London.

River Boat

The capital city has a very big river flowing through it, so waterways is yet another widely used mode of transport in London. There are a total of four routes that start from all the way from Putney and they go as far as Woolwich located in the eastern region.


London has rolled out, or rather brought back a new mode of transportation — and that is the bicycle. There are various public cycle points in the city and these are gaining immense popularity for short trips. The advantage is that one can access bicycle points all across the city.

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