Mastering Airport Chic Tips To Elevate Your Travel Outfit

Your alarm blares in your ears at 4am, waking you up from your peaceful slumber. As you blink your eyes and acclimate to your surroundings, you realize why you set your alarm this early: you have a flight leaving in three hours.

We’ve all been there: whether the flight is two hours or ten, the stress of traveling can easily overcome any desire to dress in a way that makes you feel confident and stylish while still remaining comfortable. To save you from the added stress, CR has compiled some easy hacks to make your airport outfit more chic while still maintaining comfort that is always needed on long travel days.


Leather, linen, or wool depending on the season, throw on your favorite blazer over leggings and t-shirt—or a comfortable outfit of your choice—to create a relaxed yet elevated look. Besides, blazers can be one of the bulkiest items to pack in a suitcase: wearing one onboard is both a fashion hack and guaranteed luggage-space saver.


A perfect way to cover up dry and staticy hair from being on a plane or add a bit of flare to an otherwise simple outfit. Statement hats, whether they be wide-brimmed fedoras or baseball caps, are an easy accessory to throw on that will highlight your own personal sense of style. A simple look with t-shirt and leggings can be elevated with a fun hat that reflects current trends.


Newsflash: baggy trousers in a soft linen or cotton material are as comfy, if not more comfy, than sweatpants. As a closet staple, loose pants like these can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion and can be worn both on the plane and at whatever your destination may be. Pair your favorite pair of baggy trousers with a baby tee to create a chic yet comfortable look.


Channeling minimalist athleisure looks from brands like Alo and Lululemon, a matching set can be an easy way to appear trendy yet put-together at the airport. Because most matching sets are either meant for exercise or lounging, they are a foolproof airport option because of the comfort they provide and the immediate sense of cohesion and style they bring to an outfit.


Though dresses may not be the first thing you think of when choosing what to wear on a long haul flight, a comfortable maxi dress, made out of materials like cotton, linen, or silk, can be a game-changer. It’s easy to throw a maxi dress on without thinking about what to wear with it. An extra tip: find a maxi dress that is looser-fitting throughout so you can easily sit, stand, and walk through the airport with total freedom of movement.


If you still want to stick to wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt, that’s absolutely valid: but one way to elevate this basic airport look is by choosing a monochromatic colorway. While whites and beiges are particularly on-trend, any color works! Similarly to matching sets, a monochromatic look can add a layer of cohesion and sophistication to extremely casual clothing.


Channel your inner Jackie O or Bridgitte Bardot with a pair of big and glamorous shades. If you don’t feel like putting on makeup, a pair of fun sunglasses can be the perfect fix. Plus, for those who enjoy staring out the plane window, you will keep your eyes protected all while looking stylish and mysterious.


Regardless of whether you’re traveling to a tropical getaway or a skiing destination, planes are bound to get chilly. A basic turtleneck or turtleneck sweater is comfortable yet always in style. Be sure to wear a tank top underneath just in case you want the option of layering.


A leather duffle bag is the perfect personal item on any flight, immediately elevating your outfit and aesthetic. Any leather duffel does the trick. Plus, a bag like this as your personal item makes for optimal packing space.


If you’re feeling like adding a pop of color to your outfit, a shawl is the perfect airport accessory. Easy to remove during security and transformable as a blanket on long haul flights, shawls are a great way to add a flirty and bright dimension to your travel outfit.


If large duffels aren’t your style, a small crossbody bag can be a great option for carrying essentials like your phone, passport, and wallet all in one place without getting lost in a bigger bag. Plus, the same small bag can be used as your purse throughout your trip, saving luggage space and making travel more convenient.

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