3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Travel More

3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Travel More If done wisely, a little travel can be a huge benefit to your business.

Travel has had an unimaginably large impact on my career, and I’m sure it will do the same for many of you too (that is, if it hasn’t already). I’m writing this after being in China for the first time and despite having traveled so much before, I’m still in shock at how different things can be. Here’s how travel can help you in your business based on what I’ve seen and experienced.

The contacts

This one is pretty straightforward. When you travel, you’re exposed to a lot of new people, and some can be of benefit to your business. It might sound crude when I word it like that, but it’s not a case of Machiavellian tactics at all, it’s just the way it tends to pan out. As you travel, you collect shared experiences with a wide variety of people. Plus, your pool of potential people to meet is significantly larger. And if you do find yourself far away from home, you’ll often find that those who are in the same situation tend to band together. All of this means that the opportunity to network afforded by travel is second to none.

I didn’t even mention the in-person conferences and other networking events. These can be worth their weight in gold.

All in all, travel gives you access to a lot of people, which is a real benefit.

The insights

In some industries, it’s of practical benefit to travel (a few obvious examples being working in transport or tourism). But even if you aren’t in an industry that lends itself so directly towards travel, there is still a lot of knowledge to be gained.

As said above, it’s the people who can give so much value to your business when traveling. But being specific, it’s the insights that you’ll get. Some directly from those you meet, and some from your own ideas based on your new experiences. Diverse opinions and ideas mean the chance for new, fresh perspectives and unique opportunities for growth. Undoubtedly one of the most valuable parts of travel is the exposure to different methods of getting things done.

The opportunity to reset

This is something I come back to often, but that’s because it’s so true. Travel is the perfect chance to audit the parts of your work that aren’t serving you. If you’re moving away from problematic people who aren’t helping you and your business, then travel will physically put distance between you and them. If you need a chance to make decisions without being influenced, it’ll give you that space. Travel is great for empowering you to solve problems.

Related to this, I also find that travel keeps you in the mindset of constant renewal and reinvention when it comes to work. This is even more common in those remote entrepreneurs living a lifestyle that doesn’t have a firm base. You’re kept on your toes, and your environment serves as a constant reminder of the need for positive forward motion.

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