Tips on How to Click Great Photographs While Travelling

Here’s how to ace photography, the one thing that goes hand-in-hand with travel.

If you’re an avid traveller, chances are you love taking photographs on the trip. The best way to renew memories from a trip is to look at the photos; so it’s only natural that you make a little extra effort to capture those moments with great finesse. Move beyond your point-and-shoot style, and use these tips to take your photography game a notch higher.

Choose the location according to the best time of the day

Talk to a local guide or the locals for places you must visit in their city, and the best time to visit them. Do the recce, find your favourite locations and the best time of day to practice photography. You can also find out if any activities, local events, or festivals are happening during the time of your visit. Know that the best photographs are taken at sunrise and sunset; plan your outdoor shoots accordingly.

Conceptualisation is important

If you’re in a dynamic city, carry several lenses to capture the diverse and never-ending action. After you’ve taken an establishing shot with a great subject, try for the detail shots. You must carry a telephoto zoom lens; it allows you to shoot photos from moderate to far distance, leaving room for detailed and colour abstract shots. If you are taking photos at night-time, increase your ISO to help stabilise your shots. Also, help stabilise low light images by using a tripod.

Create images with impact

A great way to do that is by conveying a sense of motion with your imagery by controlling shutter speed. Suppose you want to click a person walking in front of an interesting background, set your shutter speed at about 1/15 of a second so that the person is slightly blurred, illustrating a unique sense of motion.

Flexibility goes a long way

It’s understandable if you’re overwhelmed by the beauty around you. Use it to your advantage by taking different shots; move around, change your position, look for elevated spots or shoot with different perspectives. A great trick to capture pretty sunbursts in your images on a clear day is by narrowing your aperture.

Exercise good etiquette

Don’t shoot where it is not permitted, or if somebody asks you not to. People like it if you show them how you photographed them, and promise to share their picture over email. You must use long lens for candid shots of people; however, always ask for permission before you shoot.

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