How to prepare for a business trip? Five best tips

First of all, you have to adjust yourself to an unfamiliar environment, which can play havoc with your daily routine.

Going on a business trip can be exciting as well as intimidating, particularly for those who are venturing out in the world of corporate travel for the first time and wish to return with a lasting impression.

However, crossing different time zones at a moment’s notice to foster the company’s name is not an easy task, despite the thrills associated with brokering a good deal.

First of all, you have to adjust yourself to an unfamiliar environment, which can play havoc with your daily routine. Then one has to confront the ramping up of security at airports where there are geopolitical tensions brewing.

Fortunately, with proper preparation, there is a way out from these high-pressure situations, providing you plan your journey in a way to ensure a seamless travel experience from start to finish.

So here are five tips that help newcomers ensure smooth executive-level travel that will not only allow them to focus on work but at the same time keep their bosses happy as well.

# 1) Know your destination well

Doing adequate research on the destination you intend to visit well in advance is the best way to ensure your business trip is fruitful. Having sufficient knowledge of the place will help in resolving all the nitty gritty that make business travel cumbersome.

Ensure that you know about the hotel accommodation you are going to stay in, especially the amenities they offer like Wi-Fi, spa and gym. Compare all the accommodation options suited for business travellers on sites like CozyCozy.

Learn a bit about the country you are visiting, especially if it is your first time. Understanding their customs, etiquette and language can come in quite handy in striking business deals.

# 2) Prepare an itinerary

Traveling for business is totally different from the spontaneous planning required for leisurely tourist trips as it requires an organisation’s time and money.

A planned itinerary is the blueprint for a successful business trip, so include all the main activities that you intend to execute on the journey with a complete time-bound break-up. Share a copy of this with someone in the family back home so that you can be traced, if and when needed.

Budget your trip beforehand, load the amount needed on your forex card, and lock the conversion rate of the currency of the destination.

# 3) Pack smart

With all the conferences, meetings, dinners and lunches you might have, packing right for the trip will do you the world of good. Carry an appropriate outfit for each occasion and pack them in separate packing cubes in order to carry just the clothes you may need.

Add some exclusive travel-sized toiletries to the list and place them in a handy carry bag, which can be easily accessed during security checks. Not only will it save space in your bag but also save valuable time at the airport.

Pencil in some ironing time before you pack because there is nothing more embarrassing than having to attend a meeting in wrinkled shirts and pants.

# 4) Don’t forget the gadgets

Gadgets are an important element on a business trip, as they make it easy for you to work and connect with friends and families at home.

Remember to pack your phone, laptop, and universal adapter as you will be working from both the office and the hotel room, and speaking with loved ones during free time.

# 5) Other key points to consider

  • Make a checklist of your tickets, passport, hotel bookings at least a week in advance
  • Book flights, accommodation, transport in advance to avoid a price surge, and to reduce cost
  • Carry your prescription medicine, and be prepared for emergency and illness
  • Knowing your transfer time to and fro from the airports is important in an important step that helps in avoiding last-minute commute-related panic

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