8 Tips For Packing Efficiently So You Make Full Use Of Your Suitcase

No more overpacking or lugging around heavy suitcases!

Packing is often the least exciting part of your trip

From worrying about what to pack to whether or not your suitcase stays within your airline’s baggage limit, packing for your vacay can get stressful.

Packing for a one-week trip? Suddenly it feels like you need to bring your entire wardrobe, and get it to fit within your suitcase, no less. Like we said — stressful, huhu!

But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Looking for better ways to pack more efficiently? Here are eight tips to make full use of your suitcase:

1. Create a checklist and make sure to cross things off as you pack

You can easily do this through your phone (or write it down, if you prefer). Try breaking things down into categories, and include important details like your passport and a small sum of emergency cash in the local currency.

From the clothes and accessories to electronics that include chargers, adapters, and powerbanks, note things down! If you’re on certain medications or have things like prescription contact lenses, remember to add them to your list too.

Then, check things off the list as you pack them in your suitcase so you don’t leave out anything you’ll need.

2. Consider planning outfits in advance

You know the saying the early bird catches the worm? Well, it applies here. Take an extra step and plan what you will wear while away on holiday.

If you’re already thinking of posting photo updates on your social media feeds, then you may already have ideas of what to wear forming in your mind. You can make it easier by having your itinerary planned out, as well as checking the weather for the days you will be at your destination.

Plus, you can get a good gauge on whether to include extra pieces of clothing or accessories, eliminating the likelihood of overpacking.

3. Opt for wrinkle-proof clothes or outfits that require little to no ironing

Materials such as knits, wools, spandex, and polyester are not only able to resist wrinkles, but are also pretty versatile. This includes clothes you’d typically get from the outdoor section of sporting goods stores, which often offers more lifestyle pieces, perfect for travelling.

Clothes like leggings or a cute T-shirt can pull double duty — one night’s pyjama bottoms can be the next day’s yoga pants, for example. On top of that, these types of clothes are also usually quick-drying, so you can easily wash them at your accommodation and rewear certain pieces.

4. Try folding and packing the KonMari way

Made popular by organising darling Marie Kondo, folding your clothes according to the KonMari Method may just change your life. With her trademark simple approach to tackling messiness, you can expect to maximise space while keeping your luggage looking neat and tidy.

Kondo first introduced her signature technique in her 2010 book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, where she teaches the art of folding clothes neatly and standing up vertically in your closet. Of course, this method works in your travel suitcase too.

The result? You’ll prevent wrinkles, save space, and as the tidying expert would say, express gratitude for every item that sparks joy.

Here’s how to fold a short sleeved shirt the KonMari way:
Step 1: Place shirt on a flat surface and fold one side toward the centre
Step 2: Fold the other side the same way
Step 3: Fold in half lengthwise, and leave a little gap at the edge
Step 4: Fold in half or thirds
Step 5: Stand the tee upright

5. Make use of packing cubes

Packing cubes not only help you efficiently organise the contents of your suitcase, but they also work as added protection to your clothes in case of accidents like spills.

Plus, you’ll be able to group and arrange your clothes accordingly, whether it is all bottoms in one or following outfit styles for the day. Used laundry can also be kept separately this way too.

Nowadays, you can even find compression packing cubes online, designed to get rid of excess air and give you a little bit more space in your suitcase.

6. Keep a separate toiletry kit just for travelling

By keeping a small pouch or bag filled with your go-to toiletry essentials, you won’t have to worry about forgetting items, especially ones that you may use on the day of your travels — or worse, forgetting your entire toiletries bag altogether.

You can include miscellaneous (and flight-friendly) things such as safety pins, bobby pins, tweezers, a small pack of tissues, and the like. These can help you in a pinch for situations like wardrobe malfunctions or grooming emergencies, which can be annoying to deal with during your travels, especially when there’s no way to fix them.

But, remember — only pack essential items that won’t add unnecessary weight to your bag. To avoid the risk of forgetting your toiletry kit altogether, you can store it in your suitcase (after replenishing supplies post-vacay) for easy packing each time you travel.

7. Pack heavier items at the bottom of your suitcase

A well-balanced suitcase ensures you can roll it without difficulty. You can do this by packing the heaviest items at the bottom, like winter boots and coats, which gradually get lighter in weight towards the top.

Make sure the weight matches on both sides of your suitcase too. All of this also ensures your bag doesn’t tip over easily, giving you more control while you move about.

8. Last but not least, don’t stress!

It is better to underpack rather than overpack, as shops and stores are always going to be available in the vast majority of places you travel to. So, anything that you do forget, you can usually just buy from your destination.

Run out of clean clothes? You can always wash them at local laundry places (or even your bathroom sink at the accommodation).

As long as you have your phone, and important documents like passport and IC, you’re good.

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