Styling Tips For Travel: Long Haul Flight Outfit Ideas to Look Both Comfortable And Chic

Looking for airport looks that is equal parts comfortable and stylish? Scroll no more, here’s listing styling ideas for a long haul flight.

Airports are the new fashion runaways for celebrities and they have changed the whole narration of airport looks. But, when you are already struggling to squeeze yourself in the poorly padded seat, attaining a stylish look while travelling on a long-haul flight is last the thing on the list.

From tolerating your snory mates to the urgent need of reaching the washroom in turbulence, there are already many factors that can make your journey uncomfortable. With such conjectures, prioritising comfort becomes a priority over making a fashion statement. Don’t fret, if you are someone who cannot compromise with your style quotient then we have certain tips for you that can give you equal parts of style and comfort.

1. Trade skinny jeans with paper bag jeans:

Long gone are the days when tight jeans were fashionable. Unfortunately, these jeans will not only make you look octogenarian but also disrupt the blood flow which is not the most feasible choice for a long-duration flight. However, for fashion enthusiasts, paper bag jeans that cinch at your waist and have a rather relaxed and glam look are the best bet.

2. Light-wear Layer:

We get that currently, the place you are residing in has scorching heat but generally, the flights are quite cold, and if there is a layover in between, the temperature could be unprecedented. It’s always best to layer a cotton cardigan or light-wear jacket. These outwear could also be wrapped further so that you can use them later as a pillow.

3. Coordinates set over jumpsuits:

If you are going for a no-brainer look, then instead of wearing jumpsuits, try wearing co-ord sets. Not only are they a lot more effortless and chic but they also eradicate the struggle of untying the zip in a tiny washroom.

4. Fanny packs over tote bag:

Sure, tote bags are classy and spacious but when it comes to traveling, it means carrying around a lot of luggage. Fishing around essentials in your tote bag can be annoying and time taking. Thanks to fanny packs, you can carry around your stuff with the utmost comfort and style.

5. Slip-on shoes:

Getting through the long security line and the airport runway can be the most taxing for your legs. Slip-on shoes are the best bet as they can be easily slid in or out during security checks and be the comfort for the standstill moments during your flight delay.

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