Travel tips you need to know to save money

What’s the best day to travel? Best time of day to travel? How do I book flights?

Hailey Berg, lead economist at the travel app, Hopper, offers the following tips to book the best rates.

What not to do when booking travel

Berg said prices will fluctuate at least 10 times per day.

“Don’t book without first using a price-monitoring tool. Flight and hotel prices change constantly. If you’re not using a price-monitoring tool, you’ll miss out on the best deals and lowest prices,” Berg said.

Days you shouldn’t travel

“Don’t travel on the weekend — those are the most popular dates, but you’ll pay a 25% premium on hotels and up to $100 more for flights,” Berg said.

Berg said travelers who fly mid-week (usually Wednesdays) can save an average of $56 per ticket on domestic airfare throughout the year. Over busy periods like spring break, summer vacation and the holiday season, travelers can save upwards of $100 by flying mid-week compared to the weekend.

This time of day is best for travel

“You want to get up early. You don’t want to get on a flight departing after 9 a.m. — you’ll be twice as likely to be delayed or canceled,” Berg said.

Berg said flights departing after 9 a.m. are two times more likely to be delayed than departures scheduled between 5-8 a.m. To avoid travel disruption and potential costs associated with delays, missed connections and cancellations, fly as early in the morning as possible.

What time should you book travel?

“You do not want to wait until the last minute to book your flights. Prices spike in the last month before your departure, so start monitoring prices three to four months in advance. Expect to book domestic trips about a month or two before you depart,” Berg said.

Berg said there is a sweet spot for flight prices: When airlines offer lower prices and discounted fares. Begin monitoring prices three to four months before the trip so as not to miss the “golden window,” and use a price tracker to monitor prices and get notified as soon as a good deal becomes available.

What not to do when it comes to booking travel

“Don’t forget to protect your travel, add flight-disruption protection or a flexibility product you might need for any reason, so if you have a disruption, or you don’t like your hotel, you don’t have to book a new flight or book a new hotel, you are covered,” Berg said.

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