Going on a trip during winter holidays, Christmas or New Year? Here are 5 tips to travel with peace of mind

Planning and implementing the trip is a daunting task, especially in the case of travelling to a new/unknown city for the first time. To ensure complete peace of mind during your travel this winter break/Christmas/New Year, follow these smart travel tips to avoid minute hiccups.

In the exhausting urban lifestyle with all the hustle-bustle, travel has proven to be a great stress buster for everyone as travelling is an astonishing way to stimulate the mind and body together by discovering various destinations. However choosing a destination and planning the trip is a tough task, considering the time, weather, ticket-hotel booking, etc.

Planning and implementing the trip is a daunting task, especially in the case of travelling to a new/unknown city for the first time.

Harish Khatri, Founder and MD at India Assist, revealed 5 smart travel tips to avoid minute hiccups and to ensure complete peace of mind during your travel during winter holidays or Christmas or New Year trip:

1. Pre-book an airport/railway transport

A major concern while traveling is missing a flight or train thus the best course of action is to pick a right mode of transportation to get to the airport on time. Pick-up and drop-off services make it simple for travellers to arrive on schedule and avoid any distress.

2. Remain calm in case of medical crises

Exploring new destinations during your travel may result in unanticipated circumstances or medical emergencies. Ensure you are travelling with your own medicines/first aid to cover any contingencies. Kids have their own unique requirements, ensure you have taken basic food and other things for them to keep them engaged.

3. Collect verified information

Any journey requires a factual fact check of the weather, road conditions, taxi transportation, food availability, etc. It is preferable to obtain validated information from right source to ensure that you have received real time information and have done your preparation accordingly.

4. Safeguard your luggage and valuable documents

Most travelers have identical travel bags and to eliminate luggage confusion a name card should be added to a suitcase or ensure you have checked your name on the tag attached by the airlines before picking it up from conveyor belt. Also always carry a separate pouch for important documents so that they can be taken out or put back easily and they are always in front of your eyes to avoid losing them.

5. Ask for Travel Assistance Support from tour operator or hotels

Ask your travel agent or hotel to provide you support of mobile assistance app to ensure all the eventualities in new cities are taken care of. A mobile assistance travel app is available through B2B channel and if you push for it, chances are you may get it complementary or at nominal cost from your travel agent or hotel. This kind of app can help you in medical emergencies, in luggage or document lost, in case of theft or any other support you may need in a new city. The mobile assistance app provides the finest services with help of an on-ground support team. The dedicated team manages distress and provides ground assistance support to ensure that you have a better experience and great memories of your vacation.

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