Are you a frequent traveller? Here are 6 ways to stay healthy during your trip

Expert shares tips to stay healthy while travelling. For a frequent traveller, to avoid exhausting and preventing illness, stay hydrated and munch on nuts in between your meetings or conferences.

Getting ready for a trip? Then this is just the right time for you to read this article. As much as the thrill of taking a vacation or backpacking or simply attending a conference in another city can envelop you, the fear of falling ill due to frequent travel could also cause concerns.

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar took to Instagram recently and shared six tips for a frequent traveller so that they don’t end up falling ill due to exhaustion and make sure they keep themselves active and eat a balanced diet during their stays.

“Nothing expands your mind and warms your heart like travel does. Here are some quick and easy tips for the frequent traveler,” she wrote in the caption.

  • Stay hydrated. Carry a water bottle and keep sipping it throughout the journey.
  • Avoid tea and coffee on the flight and 60 minutes prior to boarding and post landing. For road journeys, don’t have tea or coffee in a moving vehicle.
  • Pick hotels that offer gym access and ask for a yoga mat. If you travel to smaller places, carry your own mat. Don’t forget to do 5 suryanamaskars (a yoga asana).
  • Lie in suptabadhakonasana (a form or body stretch in yoga) for 5 minutes at bedtime.
  • Before you step out of your hotel, order khichdi, dal chawal, paster or risotto for dinner and tell them what time they should send it to your room.
  • Carry peanuts, cashews, pistas and other nuts. Chew on them in between meetings and conferences.

“Safe travels, everyone,” she ended her post.

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