Much-Needed Travel Tips That You’ll Thank Us For

You’ve booked your discounted flight, secured your accommodation and even started your calendar countdown, marking down each day, but hold on! Before you get too excited picturing yourself sipping ice-cold pina coladas on the beach wearing a string bikini, you need to figure out a zillion things – like how to pack efficiently, what things go in your carry-on, how to best explore the place, among other things. We get that it can get overwhelming, which is why we’re sharing a few travel tips that will make your life easier. Thank us later!

Make A List

You might think of 10 things to pack but, when the time comes, we can bet you’re bound to forget six of them. Which is why we highly recommend you make a list. The easiest way is to note things down on a notepad on your phone; this way, you’ll remember to pack everything you need to.

Fold & Roll Clothes To Save Space

You might think that folding takes up less space but trust us when we say that rolling clothes is the oldest trick in the book. Rolled clothing can be squeezed into smaller spaces and corners than folded clothes can, and that certainly helps pack in more. You’ll also be surprised at how much space you can save if you use packing cubes; you can even separate your outfits this way.

Put Important Items In Your Carry-On

No, your carry-on isn’t just for your theplas and juice boxes! A few important items that should always go with you as hand luggage include medications, a pair of clothes, your identification documents, and a toothbrush! This way, if your bags get lost in transit, you’ll save both money and time.

Don’t Overspend

Here’s a major tip – try not to go beyond the budget you allocated for the trip. Spending a little extra is understandable but spending your next paycheck on something extravagant is not. You don’t want to come back home and feel sad and burdened about spending a lot of money on something you didn’t need in the first place.

Hire Local Guides

The next time you decide to take a tour of an ancient fort in India or learn more about magical caves in the heart of Bali, don’t book your guide online; hire one at the spot. When you book tours online, you pay the middleman, the tour operator and a lot of people in between. By hiring a local guide, you’re not just supporting the local economy but you’re also saving money by cutting out the middleman.

Strike A Conversation With The Locals

You might have googled the best spot to eat ghee dosa in Bengaluru but we can bet it still won’t be as good as the spots the locals frequent! It’s always best to ask the locals to point you to the best restaurants, the best bakeries and the hidden gems from which to witness beautiful sunsets.

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