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What To Wear On The Beach: 5 Style Tips To Nail Beach Fashion

With the onset of the holiday season, update your beach wardrobes with chic styles, breezy fabrics and fun colours!

What to pack for a beach vacation often takes up a week’s preparation, trying to keep it light yet ultra-stylish. Apart from incorporating some nice and colourful swimsuits, it is also important to pack a collection of summery dresses, sarongs and other cute little beach outfits to nail beach fashion. Whether you are looking for just bathing out in the warm sun or cruising over from lounges to fancy restaurants on the beach, thanks to the numerous fashion influencers these days, we know just what to pack! Keeping clothes that will work for both sun and sand throughout the morning, noon and night are essential.

How To Pick The Right Beach Wear

Dressing for the beach can be more complicated than just picking out the perfect swimsuit. Beach outfits that are a little dressy are great for dates at the beach or beach events like a concert or evening cocktail gathering. When it comes to cute beach dresses, the options are endless to start by. From casual to dressy and elegant, we’ve curated a list of the best beach outfits for this summer. These trendy and chic beachwear choices are going to be your absolute inspiration for your summer getaway.

1. Bright Maxi Dress

Whether it is that you need to cover yourself in the daytime or go for a nice candlelight dinner by the beach, this one is an easy choice. You can pick an all-floral number that is super breezy and fun to wear around. A sweet straw hat and bag will complete your look in style.

2. Bodysuit

A well-fitting swimming suit, according to your body type, with a little bit of texture in pop colours, that can later be paired with shorts and skirts to convert for easy evening wear as well, is another must-have. A vibrant coloured flattering swimsuit is bound to add some chic colours to your beach look. With new trends and the latest designs, swimsuits have become all the more attractive. You can pair it with a sheer shrug to add a dramatic edge.

3. Colourful And Printed Shorts

Carrying shorts that can just be paired with a bikini top or with a one-piece swimsuit for comfort, is yet another easy transitional outfit to go for. Summery colours, nice fitting shorts are both comfortable and stylish. Pairing them with bare minimum accessories and slippers, and voila, you are ready with another cute beach outfit!

4. Wraparounds Or Sarongs

One of the most essential and stylish fashion wear – beach sarongs have become more than just a necessity. Opt for some nice and classy coloured wrap around skirts that will set the beach mode on and will also be helpful post a beach swim in the cold waters. Pair these with chic bikinis or bodysuits, you can also style them with bralettes and denim shorts for a casual look.

5. Button-Down Dresses

Put on a monokini or a bikini and pair it with simple cotton button-down shirt dresses, and head out for that beach evening. They come out as an effortless and versatile outfit for beachwear. Button down dresses are timeless and here to stay for long. You can pair it with a belt for a sleeker and elegant look.

These are some outfit ideas that will help you plan a day down on the shore while keeping it simple yet chic. Take some time out for one wrong outfit can spoil the beach fun. The simple trick is to pack light but pack right, including comfortable shoes, lots of funky sunglasses and summer hats in the bag, and you are all set to go!

Here Are Must-Have Summer Accessories To Pack

When it comes to beach fashion, it is not just limited to swimsuits and dresses alone. You can elevate your fashion game with the following tips:

1. Carry A Good Pair Of Sunglasses

Keeping the eyes protected from the glaring sun is important; you can keep some fun shaped and coloured sunglasses that go well with your outfits.

2. Choice Of Shoe Matters

Keep it casual; carry sandals or slip-on, maybe some Hawaiian slippers, where comfort is the key. Beaches can require you to often take long walks to settle or reach from one end to another, and so going light on the shoes is a wise choice.

3. Pack Light Accessories

Remember you are packing for a beach; keep bare essential jewellery, some floral neckpieces or bright coloured earrings or bracelet if you want to add an extra style element to your outfit.

While we have chalked out what to wear on the beach, there are certain things that should also be avoided, for example dark coloured clothes, tight-fitting dresses or ill-fitted swimsuits. Instead rely on cotton shirts, cover-ups, shorts and tank tops to do the trick for you.

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