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Tips for men on the trail to fashion’s Holy Grail

However your next holiday looks, do take a break from everything dull because apparently, comfort is trending! Want to ace men’s travel fashion while making comfort a priority? Check out these tips by a style expert on the ultimate styling guide for men while travelling

Whether treading towards a mountain or living the glitz of nightlife during a holiday, a vacation is the ultimate break from your everyday routine. With airport looks becoming a separate category altogether and Instagram our personal yet very public scrapbook, style and OOTDs are the ultimate travel essentials.

Comfort is the very essence of fashion and vacation, therefore they must go together where a travel bag is only complete when it is filled with outfits that keep you ready and comfortable for everything touristy. After all, a vacation is truly yours when you feel cool, comfy, confident, and always Instagram-ready!

Priyanka Sagar, Fashion Designer at DaMENSCH, spills the beans on how to ace men’s travel fashion while making comfort a priority:

1. T-shirts

T-shirts, without a doubt, are the most fundamental piece of clothing in every man’s wardrobe, and holiday fashion is no exception. A platter of options that range from simple chilled fit to statement polos, they are versatile enough for rigorous journeys to nightlife mapping and fit every style, mood, and vibe. T-shirts are the go-to piece that will keep you ever ready to suit every holiday’s many moods!

2. Statement joggers

A vacation can go from lazing around to crazy in an instant. To hop onto all that you can bring, a pair of statement joggers is a traveller’s essential. Far from lousy pyjamas, with a couple of well-fitted chic joggers, you will always have a smart relaxed fit ready on the go! Joggers are your license to make everyone go gaga with those enviable holiday pictures.

3. Shorts

Easy breezy shorts are the centerpieces of comfortable day wear and don’t need to be restricted to just the beaches anymore. Shorts can do much more for you than just being your lounging buddy. Be ready to roll in a dapper outfit by simply pairing shorts with printed shirts or classy t-shirts. In fact, with hundreds of styles, fits, and prints to choose from, a cool pair of comfortable shorts can take you a long way- literally!

4. Comfy innerwear

The most essential part of a guy’s wardrobe is the innerwear section. Yet, seldom does it receive its due share of care and attention. Comfortable innerwear is a constant, whatever the occasion, why shall travel be any different? Soft, stretchy, breathable, and comfortable innerwear will take you places and make sure you’re ready for the world inside and out!

5. Shirt

A travel bag is incomplete without a shirt. Tropical prints for the chill days and well-fitted pastels for when you want all eyes on you, there is a shirt for every season to keep you looking cool and classy. Make a statement by pairing your signature shirt as an overlay with a contrasting sleeveless T-shirt and there! Now you are ready for a perfectly Instagramable vacation.

Whatever your style is, creating a fun outfit will now be more accessible than getting all your friends together for a trip. Well, however your next holiday looks, this time do take a break from everything dull because apparently, comfort is trending!

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