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From selecting your wardrobe to styling them right and rocking them with confidence, we’ve made a list of 9 style tips for teenage guys that every teen needs to read.

When you’re a teen, things suddenly start to change. You develop your own opinions, tastes, and you want people to start taking you seriously. You want to make sure you seem stylish and confident. Contrary to how it may seem, it won’t cost you a lot of money to become a stylish teenager. That’s why we’ve listed out the top style tips for teenage guys.

Teen life can be a handful – you sometimes feel rebellious because people never seem to understand you and sometimes just because! But your lifestyle will certainly pave the way for who you will become in future. It did for us!

Fashion for Teenage Guys

So, being stylish and fashionable with an open mind and confidence will help you to turn heads, making long-lasting impressions and not to mention look amazing on your social media platforms.

Knowing yourself is part of developing your own style. To help you out here’s nine styling tips for teenage guys from Faveable that will ensure you’re fashionable and trendy.

These tips will help you bring out your own style!

Why Style Matters

The teenage years of a guy’s life are some of the most important times of their lives. A personality starts to develop, and you discover what you like and don’t like. Getting into relationships, making friends and going out are just some of the few things teenagers face.

First impressions are everything, they are a critical part of it all. What style you have will speak volumes for years to come, right from your teen years to when you attend your school reunions. We’ve all been at that stage where some of us want to forget how we dressed in our teen years. However, others are remembered by how they used to have a bold fashion sense.

That’s why fashion for teenage guys matters. The first impression you leave during your teen years will make people aware that you know and care about how you look and present yourself. Dressing is a way of expressing your personality. A sense of style elevates your confidence and people’s perception of you.

9 Style Tips for Teenage Guys

1. Get the Right Haircut

Everybody knows that a good haircut can seriously amp up your style. That’s why it’s important for you to know what type of haircut will suit you best before you actually go get one. So this has to be #1 on our list of style tips for teenage guys.

What you need to take into account is the color of your hair, your facial features, and the shape of your face. Find out what type of shape your face has and start from there. Also check out the latest hairstyle trends for guys.

You may have thought about getting an undercut because it’s what’s in style these days. But, take a moment to picture yourself with one. Will it go with the outfits you wear? Does it suit your personality?

Often times we fool ourselves into thinking that the trendy haircut will suit us just fine and that we should just go for it. However, it could very well be the total opposite (been there, done that). But that said, don’t be afraid to try a new haircut if you feel that it’ll suit you. And at all costs, avoid bad or outdated haircuts!

2. Mind the Length!

When it comes to sleeve lengths, it’s a common fact that long sleeves are not for all seasons.

People may say it’s fashion, but it’s not worth it if you end up feeling uncomfortable. That being said, short sleeves are a smart choice for teens. They are a simple and cool look that you can whip up from your wardrobe.

Short sleeves can be worn on any occasion and they make you look slimmer too! Whether you’re just hanging out with your friends or your wardrobe for school, short sleeves are the perfect answer.

The tip is to make your biceps more visible. It doesn’t matter if you’re fit or not. It also matters that the sleeves are not too short like tank tops. Short sleeves make you look slimmer, give off the teen spirit vibe, and honestly speaking, they are pleasing to look at.

3. Retract Back from Complex Graphics T-shirts

We all love our cult classic t-shirts with really graphic designs. They are amazing and look seriously cool when you style them properly. We all want to represent the musicians we listen to, the movies we watch, and the artists we follow.

However, graphic t-shirts are hard to style everyday because they make you stand out too much. That’s one of the the secret style tips for teenage guys, if you wanna look unique. Unless you’re into the rugged, rebel vibe then go all out. On the other hand, if you want to switch up your wardrobe, give solid colors a try.

Solid colors give off a much fresher and neater vibe. They are easy to style and you can change it up with different solid colors as you go along. There’s really no way you can look bad with solid colors. Graphic t-shirts are awesome, but so are solid-colored t-shirts. Switch up your style and you’ll keep people guessing about your next outfit!

4. Repetitive Patterns are Repeated by EVERYBODY

Patterns are great in general, but repetitive patterns? Not so much. These days, repetitive patterns seem to be on every type of clothing there is – shirts, t-shirts, polo t-shirts. It doesn’t end.

What’s worse is that every young teen you see these days is wearing those same repetitive patterns. Sure, they seem to be the hype nowadays, but that doesn’t mean they look good on everybody.

If anything, they are boring and don’t really help you to stand out from the crowd when everyone is wearing the same type of clothing. You wouldn’t want to wear a uniform and fall into a stereotype that will eventually die out in a few years.

So when it comes to style tips for teenage guys, we have to mention prints and patterns. Save yourself and break free from the repetitive pattern cycle. Mix it up and choose something that will help you stand out, and make you look and feel at your best all day, every day.

5. Say No to Those Baggy Shorts

When it comes to style tips for teenage guys, keeping track of latest trends is important. Baggy cargo shorts died out a long, long time ago. These shorts cover your knees and make you look shorter than you actually are. Nowadays, shorts that cover your knee-cap or go a bit higher than that are in style.

You can style shorts with a plain-colored t-shirt, polo t-shirts, graphic t-shirts, and even short-sleeved shirts as well. You’ll look slimmer, fashionable, and most importantly – trendy.

Whereas baggy shorts that fall below the knees leave a small space between your exposed leg and footwear. Unless you intentionally want to look shorter or are inventing your own new style, then go all out with your baggy shorts.

You wanna keep a track of latest fashion trends for teenage guys, so that you’re always aware of what’s going out. Fashion for men evolves every day and old styles are surely making a comeback. Who knows, maybe baggy cargo shorts can be styled properly one day. For now, let’s avoid those shorts in 2019!

6. Slouching is Never an Option, Ever

No matter how better you dress, your whole outfit will fall apart if you slouch. Posture and physique are very important when it comes to style tips for teenage guys. Bad posture and body language can ruin your whole style.

Not only does it affect your style, but it also causes a number of health problems like back pain, poor indigestion, and even cardiovascular disease. If you practice sitting up straight from an earlier age, you’ll be saving yourself from a lot of problems in the future.

With daily practices of some diligent stretching exercises, you can maintain a straight posture and look good, too! Remember to keep your chest out, raise your head, and pull your stomach in. It’ll make you seem more confident.

Having a straight posture can say a lot about your personality as well. It’s a commendable trait for a teen to have. Young people, these days don’t care much about these things. So, for you to pay attention to it can help you stand out even more. Also take care of your body and work out or take up sports, so that your physique looks great.

7. Accessories for Teens

When it comes to accessories, less is more. You may want to wear whatever you have every day with all your outfits, but it just doesn’t work. You can’t really wear a spiked wristband when you’re wearing formal attire.

It doesn’t make you look like a rebel, it just makes you look like a bad dresser. Another thing about accessories is that many people think they are only to be worn on special occasions. However, that’s not the case at all.

The key is to know which accessory goes with which outfit and to know when to stop accessorizing. The accessory should be there to enhance your outfit. So, pick ones that don’t draw too much attention and something that actually goes with your outfit. This is one of the style tips for teenage guys that can be applied for any age group.

We all want to wear that Deadpool necklace and look cool, and by all means, you can, but you have to know when the right time and place for it is.

8. Exploring Other Colors

Many teens like to just switch between the colors black and white a lot. There’s really no one to blame for this. Black helps you look slimmer and white keeps you cool and fresh during the hot summer days.

They are also easy to maintain, they fit well with almost anything, and are perfect for lazy teens who don’t care about how they look. However, exploring other colors and trying them out never hurt anybody.

Pick a solid color and try it out. Most teens try the bold and bright colors like blue, red, etc. But you can also look for cool tones like mint, sky blue, periwinkle or dove grey. See for yourself how different you look. Experiment with your dress code and develop a whole new look entirely. Color schemes are an important part of casual wear for teenage guys, so be careful of them. The goal is not to end up looking like you dressed in the dark.

If you’re scared about trying new colors at first, start with earthy tones, such as beige, sand, stone and olive. They are easy to style, look comfortable and look natural as well.

9. Confidence is Key!

It may seem like style is all about choosing trendy clothes and accessories, but being stylish is about more than that. Confidence plays a crucial role when it comes to style; and it’s the most important among fashion tips for men. The way you carry yourself speaks more about you than the clothes you wear.

If you can pull off looking good in clothes you’re uncomfortable with, that’s because of your confidence. Believing in yourself that you look amazing and that you are rocking that outfit can be a game changer.

Confidence alone helps you stand out in a crowd, be it when you’re taking photos, dancing, or making small talk with someone at a party. Confidence is everything.

The minute you fumble, you lose all your cool. That bright t-shirt you bought but have never worn because it’s just not your thing? Give it a try and see yourself in a new light. Think positively about how you look and go with it!

Being stylish will make people notice, and therefore, judge you more. So you’ll also need to confidently ignore any snarky comments! Always be confident about what you’re wearing, that’s the key.

Final Thoughts

We hope these 9 style tips for teenage guys will help you to develop your sense of style and personality in a world where everything is being repeated by everybody. When there’s barely any room to stand out in a crowd, you must develop and evolve your own style and ideas. Following a crowd is easy, but standing on your own takes a lot of courage.

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