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Travel fitness tips 6 Yoga exercises for long layovers

Travel fitness tips: 6 Yoga exercises for long layovers

Check out these 6 Yoga exercises for long layovers to make your journey smoother and also assist you in making it a fruitful one as it will improve your mood and affect your interaction with others during the travel.

Experiencing long layovers during travel can be very tiring and lead to frustration, headaches, stress etc but health and fitness experts suggest that during this time you can practice what is also commonly known as airport Yoga to make this waiting period easier for you. Not only will practicing Yoga help you to relieve any body pain, muscles stiffness, cramps, swelling of your feet etc but will also help you to become more calm and relaxed and this is a very important aspect to make your journey smoother and also assist you in making it a fruitful one as it will improve your mood and affect your interaction with others.

1. Practice pranayama -

One of the most effective and fastest ways to get your mind and body to calm down is through pranayama. Pranayam is yogic technique for breathing and bringing your observation to how you are inhaling and exhaling. Even taking a few deep long breaths especially when you are feeling stressed out can immediately lighten your mood and make you feel more relaxed.

2. Utilise this time productively with Padmasana -

Instead of wasting your time scrolling on social media or chatting you can instead practice yoga whether it is breathing, meditating, or physical poses. For example you can cross your legs into Padmasana also known as Lotus Pose. Hold this pose for his long as you can and not only will you be strengthening your lower body and building flexibility but this pose also has a very calming effect on the mind. This will also get the blood flowing in your lower body and release any stiffness in your knee joints helping you sit for a long duration in your flight.

3. Release stiffness from the spine with Ustrasana -

Roll out your yoga mat in a comfortable place and you can practice Camel Pose. To perform camel pose get down on your knees and stretch both arms upward. In this position take your hands and place your palms on your heels and gently bend back. Doing this will help you to relieve any stiffness from your middle and lower back and also stretch out the shoulders. One of the most common complaints of travellers is that prolonged sitting in flights causes back pain and this pose can help you release this and enjoy a supple spine also.

4. Padahasthasana -

The next pose that you can practice is a forward fold in standing position. This is also very effective pose in releasing any lower back stress and also stretches your hamstrings and calves. Begin in Tadasana, exhale gently bending your upper body. Drop your head and keep shoulders and neck relaxed. See if you can place fingertips or palms on either side of feet. Try to keep knees straight.

5. Paschimottansana -

Practice a forward fold in a seated position known as paschimottanasana. To get into this pose you can sit with both legs stretched out forward; keep your toes in a flexed position, and inhale lift both arms up. Hold this pose straightening out your back as much as you can. As you exhale reach down forward and try to hold your heels, ankles, or any other comfortable place pulling yourself closer to your body

6. Halasana -

Avoid this particular pose if you are performing it during the night time. Ideally, it is recommended that you practice all the poses on an empty stomach as this will bring you the benefits without any discomfort in your body. To perform halasana you need to lie down on your back; take both legs up, and over your head trying to drop your toes down on the floor behind you. You can place your palms on your lower back to support yourself

Mudras and Meditation

He advised, “Along with these five poses you can also practice meditation that involves observing everything that is going around you. As airports are noisy places you may not be able to sit and empty your mind in order to meditate instead you can practice Sthiti Gyan where you observe everything that is going around you and try to recall it to test your own memory and observation powers. In order to remain physically and mentally alert and active you can also employee the use of mudras. Mudras like Ling Mudra, Shankh Mudra, and Even Prana Mudra are the three types of mudras that you can practice while waiting during your layover. Avoid practicing halasana in the night and instead you can do Shavasana or Anandasana.”

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