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How to Style Layers Like A Pro This Season

When it comes to layering in winter, there aren’t any hard and fast rules in fashion. However, if you are beginning to start layering clothes, you may need a few tips to proceed. And as you become familiar with it, you can experiment with different choices. The thing with winter fashion is you don’t get the luxury of showing a lot of skin. If you are thinking of layering clothes, pair them smartly. In simple words, go stylish, not bulky. This article will help you teach how to style layers in winter!

Don’t forget winter basics

While shopping for winter basics, always remember how you would build different looks and invest according to that. Our eyes often catch glimpses of quirky pieces, but sometimes they wouldn’t go with the whole outfit. That’s where winter basics show their power. For basics, you can go with oversized sweaters, as these are in trend; there are cardigans or pullovers which you can easily pair with a denim button-up blouse.

Combine different fabrics and colours

Try combining different types of fabrics and textures in one outfit. For example, you can pair a lightweight silk-knit shirt of a classic tone with a sequined blazer and create a whole fancy party or holiday look.

Put on a cosy sweater

Put on a cashmere-silk blend pullover that will keep you protected without overheating. Purchase comfortable pullovers that can go well with anything, and you can wear them easily.

Add an oversized coat

Adding an oversized coat on top of your layered winter basics looks super stunning. Oversized coats can also be donned over dresses. Add a pair of leather boots to complete your overall look.

Combine different lengths

Combine clothes of different lengths to look elegant during winter. For example, styling a pencil skirt of size up to mid-calf with knee-high boots is a great stylish combination. Adding an oversized coat makes the whole look fantastic.


Scarves are beautiful winter accessories that go with all fashion ensembles. Invest in a faux-fur Fendi scarf, which will give you an edgy and warm look. Besides scarves; you can also accessorise your look with a hat, handbag or jewellery that complements your look.

Once you’ve become familiar with how to layer during winter, you can easily begin mixing patterns, playing with textures, and going monochromatic and colour-blocking. Make sure all your clothes fit you well and bring out your personality.

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