Points A Beginner Fitness Enthusiast Should Remember

Points A Beginner Fitness Enthusiast Should Remember

If someone is a total newcomer to the hobby/lifestyle of keeping fit or is getting back to the activity, finding the starting point can be a bit finicky.
The accurate workout schedule will vastly depend on the person’s fitness level, age, goals or other physical issues the person might be facing.

Starting with the bare-bones basic is the way to go regardless of what the end goal may be. These are the three main components in an exercise routine:

Weight Training- It is not a necessity to be lifting heavy lifts or be spending a lot of time on lifting weights, but it is fundamentally important to be lifting weights regardless of the weigh or the duration.
The more weight lifted, the stronger the muscles become.
It also helps with losing weight.

There are no particular exercise schedules that suit everyone since everyone has their different bodily needs, but there are a few guidelines which do apply to everyone for determining different bodily factors, which in turn will help with choosing between beginner, intermediate or advanced exercise schedules.

For a beginner, it is advisable to slowly ease into the exercise & not rush into it, allowing for the proper recovery of the body, getting into a proper beginner exercise schedule program & also learn to monitor exercising intensities.

Cardio Exercise- Any activity which increases the heart rate can be classified as a cardio activity, be it cycling, jogging, boxing, etc.

Flexibility Training- Being flexible is a necessity since during the exercise schedules, the need to flex the body may arise. Stretching of the body increases the overall flexibility & helps with post-exercise recovery.

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